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bycolfetski, November 4, 2007
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Phoca Gallery
Installed easily, was simple to configure. Overall, for what this is, it's a nice little plugin. I haven't seen a better one for Joomla! 1.5 yet.

However, it was not quite adequate for my needs because of one small omission. When viewing the photos large, there is no facility to show a title and/or a description of the photo.

When these are added, it will be awesome!
Owner's reply

Yes, there is.

bycolfetski, October 31, 2007
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Community Builder
I installed this because it sounded so good. The installation process went fine - great documentation. Unfortunately the finished result on my site was messy and unintelligible. There was no information in the install instructions or site about how to customize or create new templates. I uninstalled this component because I was frustrated with how it appeared to the user. I'll be trying to hack away at making it visually palatable, but wish it were closer to right 'out of the box'.