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bycolinives, August 26, 2011
I've only recently purchased this extension as I'm developing a customer recipe upload area on my cafe website. I've looked at the others and found them not to be what I was after. YooRecipe provides all that I need and with a very nice user & back-end interface. The app downloaded and installed easily and the documentation is very good. I had a few problems with configuring it for my use (I was also a little rusty on component use/menus) and have found the yooRock team very helpful and exceedingly prompt via their support forum.

I notice that there aren't too many users of this app at the moment but that doesn't worry me - It does what I need and, after a couple of minor tweaks, it'll be great for my customers too!
bycolinives, December 1, 2010
Event Booking
Does exactly what is says - installation & use were very easy and the features straightforward to understand and use. Support so far has been very good. I'm also delighted that a promise made pre-sales for a function to allow a different paypal account per event has been added - within weeks - thank you. Also upgrade was painless!
bycolinives, October 28, 2008
BookLibrary Basic
I've just established a library at my shop and am so pleased to have this module. Installed easy - a few problems ongoing - more to do wit my installation - but had excellent support from the author - Thanks!


* Fixed lend period - don't leave it up to requester.
* Automated email to lender requester when lend is approved
* Extra fields for custom use (we /lend/ books off people to add to our library - I'd like to keep track.

Great product!
bycolinives, March 31, 2008
I have installed JFusion with a very established PHPBB3 forum - it worked great. Simple to install and to get working it has all the basic features I need. I'm not after bi-directional account registration as i only approve new users via the forum.

I had a couple a small teething problems and found the support via their forums/team excellent.

Well done!