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bycolinwebster, August 9, 2011
EZ Realty
I have got to say that I am supremely impressed with the support offered by this developer. I have submitted several "silly" questions where I should have really done my homework first but the response from Kathy has been incredible.

I am developing a site for a UK estate Agent, Kathy has gone out of her way to assist me with localisation and processing of UK postcode data for me. She has helped with teething issues and CSS adjustments. Although we are on opposite sides of the globe I seem to wait only a few hours for a response.

I fully recommend this product and the wealth of configurable features makes a unique look and function for each site you build.

Rock on EZ Realty
bycolinwebster, May 4, 2010
I have been using this product for a short while, I have added most of the extra functionality like Location and People management. I am completely new to Joomla and Jevents, but I have to say the support for Jevents is better than you could hope for. I have had several issues as you would expect from a newbie and Geraint sorts them all mostly on the same day!! Brilliant service. Thanks!!