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bycolpc, March 16, 2012
Nice Content Access
The concept at first is a little foggy, with Joomla`s new User control You think; Well it does that already.
Not like this does !! With this, you have much more control, flexibility, anywhere you wish. Together with his members and downloads apps, its magic !

If you need to separate people and content this is a must have.
Example: Selling something? have one price for one group of people a different price for another. All in the same article and the other group doesn't see the first groups price.
Think about it. And the other things can do.

Support is the best around .....
Well Done Michael!! Thanks
bycolpc, March 16, 2012
Nice Memberships
Now here is a Diamond in the Extensions.
Been doing this Joomla thing for some time now. Have tried tons of components, mods, etc... Never felt compelled to leave a review until I used this Members extension and their other apps.
It does just what expected and More...

Support is simply Top Notch. Stop looking, Stop thinking, and get this one now! End your searching and get to work.

Easy to get the hang of, easy to implement and make your own.
Is very dependent on Paypal so know ahead you will be using that.
The support alone is worth it, if you need any. After this, I started using his other apps, and together they make a fantastic environment. Flexible enough for many situations, yet consistent enough that you can build on and from it.

I honestly can`t say enough ...
Thank You, Michael & the folks of TriniTronic