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bycommpilot23, March 27, 2012
jGalleria Gallery Pro
I tried the lite version and worked great for the purpose I had in mind. However I needed the extra features that were advertised in the pro version and decided to buy it. Heres where it all went downhill.

I got the file that I purchased about two hours later as an attachment to an email. Upon loading the module I realized that the module did not even have the basic functionality that the free version had. I had uploaded three test images to my server for the lite version and it worked great. The thumbnails were generated and I could cycle through the images in the folder. Great.
In the pro version, the images were mereley stacked on top of each other and no thumbnails were generated. I sent a message to the author hoping that it was just a wrong version of the file that was sent to me and that getting the correct file would just fix it. 15 hours now and still no word. I even sent them another email through their site but no response to that either. As a last resort I am posting a review here. It makes me question the validity of the previous reviews who rave about the absolutely fast and fantastic response of the developer.