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bycondor21, November 13, 2010
Article Module
... the module doesn't support articles with ReadMore.
bycondor21, October 9, 2009
I'm really admired by CiviCRM and very thankfull to all developers. Firstly it seems a bit complex and there are some tricks to learn, but I found all answers in the support documentation and forum. It makes me believe we're living in 21st century =)
bycondor21, April 6, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
I really like the pligin, but found a minor misfunction: if I change an image size with several iterations (i.e. more than one mouse click) it gets thumbnail dimensions of the first iteration only. I think it's better to get final dimensions that are when I save the article.
Owner's reply

Plugin don't work when you're editing article. It work when showing article. As others content plugins.