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bycoopster, October 6, 2014
Responsive Scroll Triggered Box for Joomla!
There are popups... then there are popups that work! Well, they all work to some extent but this one is truly responsive and allows precise positioning regardless of the viewing device - desktop or iPhone, the popup appears exactly where intended.

It can be customized, colours changed, permits HTML and has some really cool ways to make it appear, all from a sinple, intuitive backend.

Not least of all, the support is astoundingly fast, friendly, honest and effective. I had a minor problem that was fixed quickly and the cause (not my fault for a change) explained to me. Extensions like this are worth the money and I recommend this one unconditionally!
bycoopster, October 4, 2014
Responsive Scrolling Tables
This is the answer to a most vexing problem, namely, the legitimate use of tables to display structured information in a website - but the inability to display that information effectively on modern devices.

What an absolute dream to now be able to display tables on mobile devices, within the website template structure, in an intuitive, user-friendly way. Best of all, it takes only minutes and makes tables a truly viable option for data presentaton once again. Much appreciated!
bycoopster, June 25, 2014
Having searched JED for a shopping cart that would fit my requirements, I started to despair and then - a new addition appeared in JED and saved the day. Reading the list of features and trying out the demo convinced me to take a chance - there is a money-back guarantee also - so I took the plunge and had a working store in a few hours.

Make no mistake, with so many excellent features comes some complexity BUT everything is in logical steps, intuitive and worth learning. Of course there are bound to be minor issues as you would expect with a new extension but these are little more than easily overcome and best of all, the support is fast and very helpful.

This extension isn't just a shopping cart, it is a substantial ecommerce package that integrates extremely well with Joomla. It is highly responsive so it works with any device - unlike some that don't quite make the transition into the 'mobile' age.

The potential to become a firm favourite is clear and I would like to see continued development using the same vision that brought it into existence - well constructed by someone who understand online shopping. It can only get better so don't be scared to try it. It works!
bycoopster, December 10, 2013
Maps and Itineraries for JEvents
This is a useful extension to JEvents and well worth the 9 euros to download it. There was a minor issues with my setup (not this extensions) but the owner responded quickly and it was fixed within hours. Same day support and a superb extension makes it excellent value. As for the module, it is easily customized, responsive and is well documented. I recommend JEvents and this module is the icing on the cake. Well done!
bycoopster, December 2, 2013
JD Classifieds
With a Joomla 3 website it has to be responsive - which it truly is. It has to be easy to navigate on any device - which it is. It has to be flexible - which is, especially if you have some knowledge and a little patience.

It installs flawlessly, it works and it looks good.

Customer support is superb and a very minor issue was addressed within hours in spite of the time difference. I unreservedly recommended it as the best of Classified Ads extensions and having tried most of them I feel qualified to say so.

My only caveat is that it is completely US focused and although the states themselves are editable, it would be very useful to have the back-end facility to change the 'State' label to the more appropriate 'County' or 'Area' for use in UK and other countries.

Finding every single instance of 'State'in the code is tricky and time consuming but it can be done - I hope.

This is a superbly professional extension that sets a standard and is very well worth the cost. Five stars from me - no hesitation!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind review! Our team agrees that we need change the "States" functionality to fit all countries. "States" will be changed to "locations" in the next version which will be released soon

bycoopster, October 22, 2013
DMC Firewall
This is one of the most useful extensions I have and for protecting and monitoring a Joomla website it is invaluable. It blocks, monitors, informs and gives reassurance without taking any control away from the administrator.

Attacks are logged and once you know where they come from, it is a simple task to log into cPanel and block an IP or even a range of IPs - usually from countries where your only visitors are bots and hackers.

Support is superb and helpful so if you have any problems leave a message you'll get every assistance. This extension does the business superbly and unobtrusively.

In my opinion it should be used with every serious Joomla website. Highly recommended!
bycoopster, September 2, 2013
SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player
Having tried a few so-called 'responsive' video players, this one seems to have solved the problems and in use it responds in such a way that perfect proportions are maintained without any empty black space around the player where it when displayed on mobile devices. You can even have multiple instances in a page and bearing in mind that it is supplied as a 'simple' players, you will go a long way to get more for your money.

Support? Prompt, courteous and very helpful. I hope this developer will continue to work on this (and other) quality extensions and I have no hesitation in recommending this one.
bycoopster, July 16, 2013
Music Collection
Having used Music Collection for some years and seen it develop, it is clear that it sets the standard and there is nothing else that comes even close. Support is excellent (as it always was) and now Joomla 3 seems to have finally settled for a while, I'm happy to make the investment in an excellent extension that is second to none. Just a word of advice to anyone considering it - take time to learn what this extension can do. It is powerful and versatile. Then plan your collection and organize your system for adding to the collection because it is too tempting to simple add music without proper regard for artist, type, genre and tags- not to mention the extensive facilities for adding text, descriptions and even lyrics. If your music files have MP3 tags, MC will even add much of the information for you but please learn what it can do. For me it is a very worthwhile investment and I recommend it without reservation.
bycoopster, June 8, 2013
uSquare Grid
After a long search for something that would allow me to highlight items AND be truly responsive with mobile devices, I found uSquare Grid.

This has several excellent features to recommend it, namely, it permits customization for a range of display definitions and the size of the grid is completely adjustable.

Installation is fast and easy with an intuitive back-end that lets you experiment with settings until it's perfect.

I contacted the developer for some assistance and the response was fast and helpful, bearing in mind the time difference between countries. Good support is always a great encouragement when buying commercial extensions.

The developer seems keen to add to this extension and I can recommend it as doing exactly what it claims to do with much potential to do more. It is good value for money and beats everything else I've tried.
bycoopster, June 2, 2013
JExtBOX Social Share Buttons
Downloaded it, installed it, enabled it and it works. Once the category and position settings were checked there was nothing else to do - it took minutes and it works flawlessly.
bycoopster, May 16, 2013
If you want a photo gallery extension for Joomla 3 you need look no further. There are many things I like about this extension - simplicity, versatility and responsive. Exactly what is required if you have any ambition to use Joomla 3's mobile-friendly feature. The 'turbo' mode makes it ideally suited to the task and I recommend it without reservation.

One caveat - study the settings and try different ones, read the support documents then read them again. Learn what it can do because it is more powerful that you might imagine for a plugin. Try it, love it, use it... SIGE is boss!
Owner's reply

Wow, nice review. Thank you! I wish you success with SIGE.

bycoopster, May 15, 2013
This extension does exactly what it claims. It is easy to install, easy to use and has potential far beyond my use of it. There is lots of scope to make adjustments and it is intuitive for the front end user. It works with responsive templates to render beautifully on mobile devices which indicates that the developer has skillfully considered the functions provided for all users. I can heartily recommend this extension. My only reservation is that it lacks spam protection although all questions submitted are moderated. A very useful touch would be a link to whatever CAPTCHA is available in Joomla so that guest visitors can be screened - perhaps in a future release? Then it really would be perfect - but it comes very close.
Owner's reply

thanks for your review
i think i really forgot this feature for guest user
i will add it in close future

bycoopster, May 13, 2013
Simple Pop-Up
It does exactly what it claims and more. Highly recommended!
bycoopster, March 27, 2013
When you get this extension, and I recommend that you do, abandon all your preconceived ideas about music players. This one is not just a music player and after the first look, take another look because there is a lot to learn.

Initially it installs and works as predicted but it might not look quite as you want it or fit into your theme. No problem - every part of the extension can be customized BUT you really must study the documentation or you'll be missing out on much of what this very powerful, versatile music player can do.

One of the best features is that it permits the use of music files from almost anywhere and will take the information from tags or if you prefer, the filename. This gives it a serious advantage over many other players.

It works well with responsive templates although you must have regard for the dimensions of the player itself and be economical with the amount of information displayed if you want it to be 'mobile friendly' but this is another great feature! It gives you lots of choices...

My initial application was to create a 'jukebox' but I'm gradually migrating a whole music collection to use it and of course it can be used to play single items in a blog page - or several individual items on the same page.

The creator of Commedia has not overlooked what is often overlooked by others, namely, when you start to play a different track, the one already playing stops. Simple perhaps but essential for serious use.

So far I haven't found a way to make it 'auto-play' but no doubt this will be included at some point - or have I just missed something?

I haven't used the 'popup' player because I haven't got around to tweaking the layout but it's a useful feature to have.

Having started off with several reservations about this extension, I have come to love it and for what it costs, it is well worth the time and effort of making it work for you. I recommend it without reservations.

Best of all, the developer is happy to support it and takes all feedback or requests very seriously. Full marks from me!
Owner's reply

Thank You too! :)

Two remarks:
1) Commedia can get tags from mp3, wav, m4a and mp4-files, but can not to get ID3-tags information from file on external server (FTP, HTTP(S), DROPBOX). But follow news on my site, may be it will get them in the future too.

2) Commedia has autoplay too. See the demonstrations, please. ;)

bycoopster, December 12, 2012
Facebook Comments By Websoft
Simple to install and configure - works immediately. Best of all it has some documentation to help create a Facebook app to use with it. Recommended!
bycoopster, December 9, 2012
I've always like this player and was disappointed when support ceased on the original. However, this updated version has added many improvements without losing the original versatile simplicity that makes this plugin special. It works in almost any configuration of Joomla (including tables) but one of the very best features is where multiple instances occur in a page. Clicking the play button on any one will fade down the one currently playing before starting the next. This is invaluable and is what sets this player apart from many other. The best simply got better and works for any version of Joomla.
bycoopster, November 26, 2012
Flexi Contact Plus
I do enjoy writing positive reviews and this extension certainly deserves it.

With a componenet that provides everything needed to construct a custom form (only if you want to) and a plugin to let you design your own contact page with content and images, this is all you need. You can even use it as a module!

Just one very important point - read the manual and you'll find everything you need to know. It works - beautifully!
bycoopster, September 13, 2012
All Music Player
This extension is well designed, easy to install and customise but best of all it does exactly what the description says. It combines simplicity with functionality and has immense potential as a jukebox, an album library and a general player. The reviews are good (which is always encouraging) and the documentation good. There is only one thing that stops ne using it, namely the download feature. It opens a Quicktime window and not the usual download dialogue so downloading is not straighforward or practical for my purpose.

Nevertheless, it is a superior extension that I can recommend for anyone wanting a simple yet versatile music player.
bycoopster, July 9, 2012
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Multisites Single Sign In for domains
I very seldom write a negative review and before I wrote this review I believe I exhausted any potential for resolving the issues described with the developer who categorically declines to support it without prior payment - even though he has already been paid...

I bought this extension to provide a single sign-in for a group of websites with different domains. Having followed the less-than-adequate instructions provided with the extension and having tried various combinations of settings as described therein, it quickly became clear that this extension is not what it claims to be.

The documentation advises that it is necessary to share the jos_user and jos_sessions database fields in the respective databases and also the same 'secret' word in the configuration.php file. It explains that the table prefixes must be the same and having carefully done exactly as instructed, nothing happens. Even Firebug showed nothing to suggest what was wrong - which leads me to believe that the extension actually does nothing useful.

I am not quite a Joomla novice so I understand that the jos_core_acl_aro and jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map tables are also essential when manipulating user data - something not mentioned in the documentation and a very serious oversight which means that it is not possible to make this extension work by following the instructions.

I asked for support and was advised that my very detailed query was 'ambiguous' and thatI should consult the forum or register for paid support.

Being unable to find anything relating directly to my problem in the forum I once more asked for some advice by submitting full details of the procedures and settings I used when using the extension with a request for suggestions as to what might be the problem, especially if I had overlooked something - I am not inclined to blame an extension for my own shortcomings so this seemed a reasonable request in view of having paid £20+ to the developer already.

The dismissive response was to the effect that if I wanted the extension installed for me I must order paid support.

That is not what I wanted - what I wanted was to get the extension working, know how I did it, then write a glowing review here.

I have tried to use it with separate TLDs, subdomains and even different servers - it doesn't work and I am beginning to suspect that this is little more than a device to sell paid support and/or other extensions from which it appears this utility was extracted.

Reading the 'small print' the developer also claims that the payment is NOT for the extension - that is free - but for the facility to download it. Does this mean that Belgium is outside the scope of EU regulations for fair trade? I think not!

I am not impressed with the extension or the developer and would advise extreme caution when considering this particular plugin. It is not what it claims to be!
Owner's reply

First, the objective of this extension is to allow remaining logged between website that have different domain. The objective is to share the apache session ID between the website.

This customer try sharing the apache session between websites on the same domain like

In this case, apache (or IIS) already share the session ID and that this extension is not required.

Second, we told to the customers that he probably didn't share correctly the MySQL tables of his websites because the session information present in the DB is probably not shared.

Finally, any support that would request to access the environment of the customer to help him configure or setup his environment is available via the billable support.
The installation, setup of the customer environment is not included in the price to download the extension.

We also remember that this extension is delivered in application of GNU/GPL

bycoopster, July 4, 2012
This has just saved me hours of work. I needed to organise a group of websites to share a single login. To do this, all the databases must share the identical user data including the prefix and secret code. It was so so easy to do the database and config update using this extension - flawlessly. Full marks and an essential part of my toolkit from now on :-)
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