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bycoopster, December 13, 2011
Payment Form
I wanted something simple and affordable that would allow a registered JomSocial user to make a token payment using PayPal. The main reason is to verfy that the member is an adult with access to a credit/debit card plus a valid email address.

This extension does it admirably and is worth the £13 it cost just for the simplicity, convenience and extensive customisation. I love the Translate feature that permits the wording to be amended and the excellent support available through the Forum. Highly recommended!
bycoopster, October 17, 2011
ARI Cloud Carousel
This extension took some time and effort in order to get the best from it but it really is worth the effort.

Once I worked out how the various settings work and the numbers that relate to them, the module did exactly what I wanted. The ability to add a background image is also useful and the amount of control is impressive.

However, the very basic instructions are helpful to get started but they don't offer much help with the finer points which is a pity - a brief manual would make it much more appealing.

For instance, the INI file holding titles, descriptions and links must be in the same folder as the images - there are no instruictions for this. Similarly the speed is set between 0 and 0.3 whereas the numbers relating to offset and radius are in (?) pixels so you need to keep this in mind when positioning the carousel since they default to 0 for automatic setting.

This extension has huge potential and it is good to have such an extension that doesn't use Flash, especially now that websites are starting to leant towards handheld devices - Android etc.

I give this full marks because it does exactly what it claims and it works :-)
bycoopster, October 9, 2011
3D Carousel Menu FX
I'm not sure why this extension is described as a 'menu' when it is much more than just that. Equally I cannot understand why it hasn't been reviewed previously!

Having used it for considerably more than a year, it has proved itself to be stable and reliable. It provides an excellent interactive showcase for products (or anything else you choose) and permits you to link them to whatever you wish. In a way I suppose it is a 'menu' but it could also be a showcase for a photo gallery or a collection - imagination seems to be the only constraint.

Use the module and tailor it to fit any position. The versatility of the settings and options makes it the perfect choice. I used the plugin to introduce it into a front page article.

If you're planning a gallery or even a business website where you want to direct customers to various options such as different products or departments whilst allowing them to glimpse the item of choice, this is well worth spending some time getting to know it.

Support? I've never required it because it works flawlessly and with some trial & error I managed to make it fit my needs perfectly. Highly recommended and full rating for this one.

To the developer, thank you for an excellent extension.
bycoopster, September 1, 2011
Flexi Contact
This extension is easy to install and configure to suit whatever contact details you wish to provide. Being a separate component, it does not conflict with the built-in contact feature so you could provide minimal contact for guests whilst having an extended contact page for registered users. The free-text layout gives it flexibility and I love the image based spam filter. I am happy to recommend it and like another reviewer exclaimed, stop reading reviews and just install it with confidence. Thank you for an excellent extension.
bycoopster, February 15, 2011
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
This is so simple to use and does exactly as it says. Don't bother with the manual method - full marks from me.
bycoopster, August 30, 2010
If you're looking for an extension that will provide your own personal 'Tube' without too many 'bells and whistles' then look no further. It is easy to install, comes with an extremely versatile module (which can be copied to provide more functions) and a useful comments plugin. There is a learning curve as you would expect with something like this but it is well worth the effort and patience. Best of all it is inexpensive to upgrade to the 'Pro' version which gives you everything you'll need to get your professional looking 'Tube' online complete with media in a few hours. Just be patient and take the time to learn what it can do then make your judgement based on the look and feel of your website. This is one of the best extensions I've tried and I can recommend it without reservation.
bycoopster, January 12, 2010
AJAX Shoutbox
This is exactly what it says it is - a Shoutbox. Simple to install and easily configured to work in any module position using the CSS file. Regard the 'free' version as a trial and don't hesitate to pay for the pro version. At such a small price it's true value and comes with optional addons such as Smileys and BBCode.

The support is second to none and the only problem I had was not caused by the extension but my Joomla setup - fixed by the author within a couple of hours and now working perfectly. Just remember if you want support with the Pro version, let him know the version of Shoutbox and Joomla that you're using and do read the instruction for installation. For what it is, this extension get full marks and I recommend it!
bycoopster, December 8, 2009
Pro Magic Audio Player
Downloaded it, installed it, spent an age trying out all the settings and features and it works with the worst web browser in the universe (we all know which one I mean). A superb player, versatile and practical, well worth the modest outlay for a professional extension. Recommended!
bycoopster, December 7, 2009
R3D Floater
Simple (as most good inventions are) with clear instructions on getting it working and it does precisely what it says it will do. Be sure to follow the instructions for setting up as they appear when you first install the extension and you will not be disappointed. Best of all, it works faultlessly with the worst browser in the universe and that's a definite plus. Full marks for this extension!
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