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Skyline Nested Accordion For HikaShop
The menu works great and support has been very responsive.
bycorrado444, June 12, 2013
I have been using Lazy backup in all its various forms for many years. It's a great way to always have a timely backup handy in case of data loss, hacking behavior and just be able to sleep at night.
My philosophy is that if I backup the files alone, I don't have a website. But if I have the database I can always build a new site on it.
LB does the job splendidly.
bycorrado444, May 18, 2010
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This component has a good chance of becoming very good. However, for now the free version would be useful only to a site needing a free ad system (free to post) since the free version appears to lack a payment system. Even the commercial version, as far as I can tell from the site, only offers Paypal, which is a very limiting choice for a professional site.

The administration is unorthodox but with the potential of being very fast to manage. The front end is well laid out.

There are no available modules (free version, not sure about commercial version) nor there are connections to the various community scripts.

With a few more features and a better handling of the payment system it could be a contender, but the free version should really be called a "demo"
bycorrado444, December 3, 2006
I switched to JCE from a commercial editor and I find it far more powerful.

One problem I found is that it likes to rewrite some code. Especially divs. I have not research it yet and I hope to find a solution soon, but otherwise it is great.