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bycowboysdude, September 26, 2014
JM Responsive Slideshow
This just makes my site pop now!!! WOW easy to setup and use and I love it!! Use HD pics and you will LOVE the results of this mod!!! Thank you for such a great job and your contribution to the world of Joomla!
bycowboysdude, May 3, 2014
Sexy Social Bar
It's a great looking module... you can put on left or right side...
But what it doesn't tell you is what module position to publish to and there is no documentation to help you... For that it's worth a good rating because it seems to be done well however if you can't use it.. it's a problem.
Owner's reply

Thanka for pointing that out. The module need to be published on debug position. Will update the description.

bycowboysdude, April 14, 2013
Top of the Page
Does exactly what it's supposed to do PLUS you can customize it. Excellent plugin!! Thank you!!
bycowboysdude, April 8, 2013
Kunena Login
Tried it on several different templates and it just doesn't work. Went to their forums for support and never got an answer to why it doesn't work.
bycowboysdude, April 5, 2013
One word sums this up..phenomenal!!! THIS should win awards... You will not be disappointed with this feature rich component. Thank you so much for something that was so needed!!! And for contributing for users like me who run their sites as a labor of love and don't have the money to spend on these things. You guys did an awesome job!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank for your review.

I want to make a comment here, you speak of features and you are right,
in future if you need to add some functionality, FLEXIcontent will most likely have it already and more are coming,
but i want to mention 2 other important aspects:

-1- Despite long list of features v2.0.1 has only a handful of bugs (v2.0.2 is close to release to fix these)

-2- High performance for large sites is close to be finished
... v2.0.1 has a heavily optimized backend Items Manager for large sites
... and in upcoming v2.0.2, -frontend- views are being optimized for high performance for large sites (constant performance and high performance regardless of number of items) (and also greatly improves performance of the -FACETED SEARCH- filter behavior !!)

- finally, v2.0.3 will also have high performance for backend POST installation tasks (done once on 1st installation, important when installing FLEXIcontent on already deployed large sites)

bycowboysdude, March 15, 2013
This is so useful!! Has a lot of features that many you'd pay for don't!!! Many Thanks for giving to the community!!
bycowboysdude, January 30, 2013
Am currently looking for a replacement for a forum I currently have so I installed this and am 'beta' testing it with some users. SO far, so good!! It looks very promising... Not to mention they are not rude when you have a question... can't mention the other software but I can say the other 'popular' one here isn't as good as you think... THIS one shows great promise!
bycowboysdude, December 14, 2012
Search / Replace utility
This is a GREAT plugin and works 110%!!

bycowboysdude, December 13, 2012
Find Us On Facebook
It's great to see a free mod that works so great!! Great job and Thank you!!!
bycowboysdude, December 8, 2012
Qlue Sitemap
This is easy to setup and use and just ads to your site!! Thank you for your hard work..we love it!!
bycowboysdude, October 24, 2012
Was looking for something to put a schedule on the side of my page users could open and view and let me tell you this did the trick!! Very easy to use... Many HUGE Thanks this is just awesome!! Not to mention an author doing something for the good of the community rather then trying to profit from a FREE CMS.
bycowboysdude, October 17, 2012
Goldweather Weather Widget
This is exactly what SHOULD be in a weather module!! Perfection!! Great job and many huge Thanks!!
bycowboysdude, June 17, 2012
Modal system messages
This is just a great way to look like a more professional site.. Great job!! Thank you!!
bycowboysdude, May 12, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
This is just an awesome idea and it works!! Thank you so much for being a contributor to a community that supposed to be a collective to help people instead of profiting from them!
bycowboysdude, May 5, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
It's a good system but only got a Good rating from me because it's missing one very important thing... the ability to show "youtube user channels". Not everyone wants to upload or have the ability to do so but having a Youtube list of a channel is very important... Why use your server when Youtube is already doing the heavy lifting?
bycowboysdude, February 24, 2012
This is just simply amazing!! VERY impressive features that you could NEVER dream of getting for free!! Great job on this and well worth using!! It really does blow away other polls systems you pay for!
bycowboysdude, March 28, 2011
This is a GREAT plugin! IT is very easy to use and there are even some features to this! Great job!!
bycowboysdude, December 27, 2010
YJ Pop Login
This popup login module does EXACTLY the same things as the ones you pay for only this one is FREE! Easy to style to suit your site and bingo... it just works and it's awesome!!

Many Thanks!
bycowboysdude, August 17, 2010
This is simply THE BEST search module I have EVER had the pleasure to use. I LOVE THIS as do my users... OUTSTANDING.. Five Stars!
bycowboysdude, May 3, 2010
Disqus Comments
It isn't the easiest thing to get to work but when you do it's outstanding!! Beats the old commenting systems hands down! A professional service right on your site.. What could make your site better!!

Thank you! Great work!
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