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bycowboytrix, October 28, 2012
Before design, the most important factor of a social website is ease of usability. This plug-in is the standard necessary in order to let your members feel more connected without having to log in excessively throughout their internet session. It will automatically reset the cookies once the browser is closed. It is also easy to install and took me exactly 2 minutes.
bycowboytrix, September 28, 2011
Simple Spotlight
Professional looking, and size conforms to the site. Easy to use, and compatible with Joomla 1.5-1.7
bycowboytrix, November 16, 2010
It increased visit length on my social website by 200%. I just wish there was a way to notify when a user tags another user on the photo. Very cool, though. And it's free! I donated.
bycowboytrix, November 15, 2010
Why do I like it? Let me count the ways:

1) I install in my joomla plug-in list, publish, and that's it!

2) I go write an article on joomla back-end, then tag using the {something}video{/something} and that's it!

3) If I need to invoke a video from a different website, like youtube, I just google the words "allvideo tag list" and go to joomlaworks documentation page that lists all the tags I can use.

4) It's free.

5) I can tinker with the plug-in parameters a little bit for a few display choices like lightbox or center, or the size I want it to be

6) It's free.

This is the epitome of what a joomla plug-in is to me. Nicely done, Joomlaworks staff.