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bycprice12, February 17, 2011
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This plug-in is easy to install, use and works great!

I was looking for a plugin that:
- Would allow me to place a snippet of code in an article that points to the directory where my photos are.
- When I ftp'd new images to the directory over time, it would automatically generate a thumbnail for the new image(s) and place it(them) in the article with the rest of the thumbnails.
- Would allow me to upload photos to the folder every so often without redoing the gallery or script....the new photo would just be added to the gallery on the fly. FTP an image into a folder, that's all I wanted to have to do to add to the gallery.
- Would display a clean lightbox effect without a bunch of big icons and buttons....I wanted the focus to be on the image, not the navigation within the lightbox.
- Would allow for customizing of thumbnails so they are all the same size and shape, no matter what size the original image is.

This plugin provides all of that and also gives a lot of other settings to change and customize your gallery, such as the look of the lightbox, watermarks, etc.

I couldn't have asked for a better plugin for a gallery if I had made it myself.

This saves so much time managing photo galleries in Joomla.

Thank you for making this plugin!

Note: The only issue I had was initially ppgallery wasn't displaying as a lightbox, but it was opening in a new window. I asked for support, but I figured out the issue on my own. Multiple instances of jquery were being loaded by other plugins, which was the problem. I found this out by viewing the source on my live page with the gallery...then I searched for 'jquery'. I saw two instances of jquery being loaded. One by ppgallery and the other by jblibrary. So I disabled the jblibrary's jquery in jblibrary's settings, and that did the trick.