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bycptcrackers, April 1, 2010
MaQma Helpdesk
This was the only extension I could find that allowed for my customers to have both users and managers. This is a critical element for me. There are bugs and design flaws in this software. One major flaw is that you can't enter your time worked if that time crosses over midnight because it only allows for one date, and assumes both the start and stop times are in the same date leading a negative hours calculation that you can't override. There are bugs in the ability to save settings when selecting which parts of the program to use. There are two front end vies for tickets, and in "list view" customers can change ticket status no matter what options you select on the back end to prevent that - this at least happens on my system which has been on two servers now, and tech support is ignoring me on this so I have to assume it's not just me. Which brings us to the final and most significant problem: documentation is very poor and tech support is slow to non-existent. However, hacing said that, once you get it working it's a great extension. If they would step up support or at least open a user forum for users to support each other, it would get another star. Fix the glaring bugs (which seem to be related to scripts not working right in newer browsers) and this is a 5 star extension easily.