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bycraiggf, January 6, 2014
I've been working with Joomla and its Extensions for longer than I care to think about. As editing goes, JCE is by far the best, and the best CONSISTENTLY (I'll yell as I can't italicize or bold), from version to version...[period] :->
bycraiggf, January 21, 2012
This extension installed and worked as "slickly" (to coin a word?) as anything I have seen in a long while. One of the GOOD ones............
A plethora of info well organized.
bycraiggf, December 15, 2011
Admin Tools
Akeeba has got to be one of the most consistently great extension providers to Joomla. This package installs cleanly, start up is quick and start tips even make absolute sense. Get the Pro version after you try'll LIKE it.
Great support site also....keep up the Great work....(pretty please....?)
bycraiggf, August 24, 2011
DT Register
Hands over....the best! I don't adore many things, but this is one of them.....
I was trying to put together a list of all the good things about this extension, but it is pretty much covered in the previous reviews.
bycraiggf, August 7, 2009
I was stunned that SimpleCaddy was so essy to install and get running. There are several products out there that I just couldn't wrap my poor brain around in the 5 seconds I usually have to get one going (my fault I am sure). Simple Caddy was easy to install and is VERY intuitive for those of us whose brains are atrophied. Would love to see this one add some advanced features, or even a separate more full featured version in the fullness of time....