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bycraigie, July 14, 2014
iJoomla Surveys
Installation was really easy. Please watch the videos before you start creating or configuring the extension. Somethings where a bit quirky at first, like when I click the next button on one of the pages, the same page just kept reloading. I found out it was one of the questions that was causing the problem. Redoing the question solved that issue.
For simple surveys that anyone who visits your site can do, setup is very easy. Restricting and customizing is a little more time consuming but still do-able. Just be a bit more patient with the extension.

My main and probably only issue is that I couldn't get the support when I wanted, the forum didn't provide much and a number of the questions are part and non-answered. If your comfortable with Joomla, CSS and even just a little PHP, you should be fine.
bycraigie, July 7, 2013
BookLibrary Basic
This is an excellent extension, I read the reviews, tried it and loved it. I didn't even try the other extensions. It is very intuitive and also comes with sample data for example purposes. Got it up and running in under an hour.
Some serious work has been obviously put I this extension. The PHP code is easy enough to understand, so you can make your own little tweaks. The import function is a life and time saver. especially the csv import. Just create your own id# for each book and get the books ISBN# (ASIN works too) and voila! just select Amazon for the lookup and Title, Authors, Publishers, Publish Date, Edition and other information gets automatically populated. You will have to edit each book to select Amazon and add description (unless you are a MySQL data jockey, so you can do it from the database with simple queries).

All this an more is in the FREE version!! I did not but the Pro because the free has all I need for now. But if Pro is what you want...It's worth the money.

Great Job Guys!!
bycraigie, May 14, 2012
Simple File Upload
Simply put.. it has a whole lot USEFUL options.

It does the job.

only Con I find:
There is no progress bar/indicator during the upload.