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bycralc, August 20, 2010
Being fairly new to Joomla! I'm trawling the extensions library for a list of must haves for future sites. This is definitely one of them for me.

It was easy to install and to get going and although I haven't tried out everything that it can do, it's working a treat so far.

I've given it an excellent review, because for me it is, but the sites I'm working on are pretty simple and I can't speak for how good it is if you want an all singing, all dancing sitemap!

Great work though and much appreciated - thanks.
bycralc, March 30, 2010
Phoca Gallery
I'm new to Joomla! so don't have masses of experience in terms of benchmarking this against other extensions. That said I found the documentation on the developers site easy to follow, it installed and worked first time, the interface is pretty straightforward and although I haven't used it to its full potential I'm well impressed so far! Fantastic that it's free too - thanks a lot.