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bycrapouille, February 28, 2014
Global News
Very good Module to allow random action on your content, with many options. But easy to use
bycrapouille, November 13, 2013
For free and commercial version both, no problem at all, if you stay on basics settings...
If you want some advanced parameters, like list of events base on location, maps view only, or events by monthes whatever the year, it is very difficult to find the adjusments for a non-developper user.
I lost 1 day trying to find the good options, but impossible to find the good one.
Support is very kind, but only in english, and you have not example to help you. Only technical responses, not made for usual users who are not developpers...
I am not conviced, sorry. Using a CMS is made for people who are not developpers, but such components forgot this point. It seam's that Jevents is one of them...
Owner's reply

Its always difficult to balance ease of use with the ability to customise and configure a lot of options.

I'm sorry you found the process confusing.

bycrapouille, June 4, 2013
OS Property
First, this extension seemed very nice, with quick answer for questions and problem. I found an alert explaining that OS property has bif security problems (file inclusion type). So, it seem's to be true, because my website was destroyed moreless than 1 week... I have no time to spend to improve the security. I have other websites: it is the lonely one using OS property, and the lonely one who was hacked and destroyed. So, even if OS property is a evry nice extension, which much options, I do not recommend it for security.
bycrapouille, October 28, 2011
Very easy to install and set. 2 ways: module or plug-in in articles. Advanced parameters also.
Just be carefull with some "button's" which don't run:
- Google buzz open a window -> stay blocked
- Yahoo buzz : doesn't run
By other part, becarefull with the FaceBook buton's settings, because sometimes it's put a blank space if you don't activate some options: not pretty.
Though, it is a very nice extension. Problem's with W3C. I found one easy to correct:
- attribute type="text/javascript" for scripts missed
Owner's reply

crapouille, thank you very much for the review.
I am going to fix and improve the extension. ;) :)