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bycreativei, September 16, 2013
Very rare I write reviews, and when its a commercial app, I never write. But this app more than the app the service offered by Ionut Lupu is excellent. I purchased this component two years back and meanwhile the company was split and today when I wanted to reinstall a old site, I had lost the copy, I emailed the developer and he said I have buy again, but after he understood my problem, he said he will send me a archived version, and in few seconds he sent me the better version than I had initially paid. this kind of service is good for joomla and good for community. Excellent service and support. Long live Joomla and its partners.
AutoTweet NG Pro
No big review, just wanted to say this is the best, I had almost dropped it thinking it doesnt support K2, it does, 19 Euro is not a big money. Thanks to developer, even the support for free version is great. keep up the good work.

Great Job
bycreativei, April 2, 2012
BIGSHOT Strip Comments
No complaints, one of the best, I use this on every clients website...... Thanks to developer.
bycreativei, October 13, 2011
Qlue Accordion
Well Its an excellent product, I use for some clients, does what it says, but unfortunate I couldn't use for K2. These days K2 is so powerful for article management, wish I could use it to K2.
Otherwise a great product.
bycreativei, May 20, 2010
YJ Booking
Its strange, this module is included in reservation and booking, this should be in forms sections, this is waste of time, its good for very small motels, I would suggest joomla admins to move this into other section as its not a reservation module.
bycreativei, May 30, 2009
This is one of the best component for classified ads. I bet on even commercial components. Well the best part is the most active forum board. There is always someone to answer you. I had few issues like to integrate Google map, Auto update Twitter, Collect IP of ad posters and some more hacks, the support on forums are great. Easily explained for non php freaks like me. Superb support for a free component, that's amazing.