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Multiple Images for K2
Here is the problem I have. I have different categories that I want to display different templates. I put the file item-multiimages-slider.php into "templates/myTemplate/html/com_k2"

Now I want to use a new template file for another location. Where would I put the file item.php?
Owner's reply

Hello, creativethien.

You can use different templates for K2 categories in "Select a template" parameter of category and also can override K2Multiimages template.

bycreativethien, December 7, 2011
RealEstateManager Basic
The best free real estate component out there by far. One thing that I did find odd was there was no field for MLS listing or product ID that you can search by.

Does the professional version include this?
bycreativethien, October 5, 2009
This is exactly what I was looking for, I tried a few solutions and none of them came with as many styling options and looked so clean.
bycreativethien, September 25, 2009
Good plugin, just wish it had more options for styling. Or give us access to an FLA file so we can style it ourselves.