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bycrimsonguitars, July 13, 2011
Nice Social Bookmark
Stunning, this couldn't be easier to configure and set up and the icons a just beautiful! would be cool, but as I write it's still not hit mainstream so I'm sure it will be here soon. Well done!
bycrimsonguitars, October 6, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I'm just using it for a relatively simple site with a weekly newsletter and it worked right out he box.. even I couldn't mess up with this wonderful addition to my arsenal! Spot on!!
bycrimsonguitars, September 21, 2010
Editor Switcher
perfect!! just made my life so much easier!! ..set global to editor switcher and you're away! Very well done!
bycrimsonguitars, August 2, 2010
well done on a great bit of work, made my site everything I wanted it to be!!
bycrimsonguitars, July 19, 2010
I'm still a bit of a Novice here (even after nearly a year with joomla!) but this module loaded up and was working within minutes!! It works perfectly with my template without any need for playing around with css and really is just what I wanted! The only slight issue I have is it slows down the page loading a bit.. but that is to be expected when loading photo's from another site hey? It would also be great if they create the option for full size photo's in the end.. but all in all I couldn't be more impressed.. in fact this is my first ever review of a module for just that reason! Well done!