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bycrony, October 1, 2014
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The only solution to do that with Joomla!
This is a great addition.
Support is great, and it's not very much beside of the service.

I must say, so far I've tested, that it seems better optimized for J! 3.x as for J! 2.5 it add 0.7s to load, 7 queries, and 185 ko.
With J! 3.x it add less than 0.2 sec, 3 queries and 15kb.

But if you need that feature, it's a must have !
Thanks for providing such extensions !
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your fantastic review.

For us, this helps us to reward the efforts each day to do our work with passion.

Thanks again.

bycrony, March 11, 2014
This is the far advanced form solution I've ever used with Joomla!

Advanced regarding the "userfriendlyness", because some other solutions (few but some) might go further , but it's so easy to design with this one.

The support is good, and bugs are corrected, and new possibilities goes always further my expectations.

I use this extension in combination with Contentbuilder, and even if it's not finished, both extensions can achieve quite big things.

As I said, few other extensions can go further, but for most of my needs it's okay.
So be carrefull of what are your needs, and you're good with this extension !
bycrony, March 9, 2013
So usefull, so advanced !
Very neat, really, just need a plugin for finder and it would be perfect.
We using Edocman for storing documents, and developed a free finder plugin for Edocman + a patch into Edocman to use the indexing of Jifile, and it's just perfect for us now !

But Jifile is the only solution that I know that provide such a good code and versatility.
bycrony, September 19, 2012
Frontend Content Manager

This component is great, so you would like to buy the commercial version, what we did...
We bought the full domains 99$.
Then I had some questions, and support was very evasive.
Then I found some bugs.
I'm still waiting for an answer.
I've sended multiple mails, with 2 weeks intervals, describing the problem.

It's too bad, because it's almost fully operationnal, and adjustments should not have been a real problem if support was responding, but they're not.

So it's useless for our needs, we are looking for other solutions, but actually they're not, so we're stuck.

It's a shame.
bycrony, July 15, 2012
ACL Manager
This extension saved me a lot of time and also helped me a lot to check and understand J! ACL.
It also diagnose and fix some ACL problems !!!
Finally it adds ACL on non ACL compliant extensions !!!
It's just perfect, don't hesitate, get it...
bycrony, July 14, 2012
External Login
This is the 2.5 version of the previous great 1.5 version coded by M. Demko.
Of course this is a very particular extension, and not everybody would need this.
But if you do, it perfectly does the job.
We are using it at our university, were we are working with Joomla! for almost 4 years.
It can be hard if you are not familiar with CAS, but become really powerfull if you dig into it.
Thanks for this extension, a must have for us.
bycrony, April 2, 2012
Very good support, advanced tools and documentation online.
Much more advanced integration from native joomla! ldap plugin.
bycrony, March 6, 2012
I "just" say good extension at the moment, because it needs some fix (on the run) but ONLY for JA T3 framework. (Gantry and simple templates are well managed)
But the very best part is support, very fast and really helpful.
Barny proposes a refund immediately, because I didn't saw (but it was notified !) that it was non compliant for JA T3 yet.
So actually, they are working to fix this, already testing new packages, and surely thinking about upgrades.

We will use it for a big intranet for a french university, surely for other websites and other purposes : it is very helpfull to demonstrate how module works for users that want to get more into Joomla! architecture.
Owner's reply

Hi Crony,
Thanks for review.

We release a new version that also support T3. Please contact and we would be happy to send it to you.

bycrony, February 7, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
Go for full version without hesitation, it is just perfect on all points.
Support, installation, etc...
Best newsletter system ever !
bycrony, December 23, 2011
It needs a bit more improvements, like relations with tables, a more advanced search module...
So why 5 stars ?
Because it's just a matter of time before all this arrives, and the philosophy of the component is so K.I.S.S. , that you can do such powerfull things in no time...
Combined with Breezing form, and you get one of the most powerfull solution of CCK.
Support is GREAT, fast, helpfull...Crosstec ROX ! :)
bycrony, September 3, 2010
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One click registration
Very interesting component, support is great !
Thanks for sharing !
bycrony, September 20, 2009
Include Component
Very good support !
The 1.4 version is not having any problems with subdirectories.

Carefull, the syntax must be :

instead of:

Thanks for sharing !
bycrony, May 27, 2009
Profile Pro for Community Builder
Very good support, very clever extension...Once again : BRAVO !

(you can load modules for example into the profile with {module 52} or that kind of funny stuffs...)
bycrony, April 22, 2009
Simple and efficient, great support, THANK YOU ! :)

In case you see errors on prod site, add this to your .htaccess :
php_value display_errors Off

Share & Have Fun !