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bycrossmr, June 30, 2012
News Show Pro GK4
I had version 1.3 of this component come with a template I purchased. I decided to update the module as I needed K2 support. The module that was functioning but without the feature I needed became completely broken. Choosing K2 as a source, caused the site to fail to load with an error from this module. Choosing Joomla as a source let the page load but with multiple errors. googling found nothing much on these errors, and there is no way to contact support on a "free" extension without paying for it. Documentation said nothing about these kinds of errors. It's almost dishonest to provide these kinds of things for free and not even allow basic access to a user to user forum for support, even if the devs don't want to directly handle your support requests.
bycrossmr, May 13, 2012
BT Content Slider
After getting one response on their forums asking for more information, I e-mailed them screenshots and information about the problem.

It's been two weeks, and I've even replied to the forum posting further and received no more replies or help with the program I was having. Publicly it looks like they were interested, but in reality? They made no real effort to try and assist with the problem.

Be advised that you can't seem to limit the width of the module by percent, only a fixed amount which is terrible if you're trying to code your site to scale to different screen widths. When you put in a percent it just seems to ignore it and expand the module off the side of the page/screen
bycrossmr, May 12, 2012
JXTC Weblinks Plus Pro
The demo for this product is very misleading. On the demo page you have some very nice looking thumbnail photos, and they are all of an identical pattern. You then have text which says "Automatically generated thumbnails". I bought this component because I was expecting it to mean that it automatically generated thumbnails that looked that good. That is not the case. What it means is if you upload a large image, it will shrink it for you. WOW. Thanks, but I could just shrink the image first and save file size on my server because I really don't need people to be linking through to full size images anyway. It's for linking to the sites. The cool thumbnails were just to make the page look slick and nice.
Owner's reply


What you are seeing in the demo is the MODULE and the settings the MODULE CAN DO.

The Component itself can do Grid or List view of the Layout.

bycrossmr, February 7, 2012
I used this with my 1.5 site and after migration I found that I couldn't choose the correct home for logged in users. The config menu no longer appeared. I tried to play around with the database to properly set it, but instead, I just edited the php file, if you want to continue to use this, just edit althome.php and change line 44
the $link in that line is the url it will direct you too. If your logged in users home page is "" remove the $link and enter (home)
works perfectly
bycrossmr, May 30, 2011
While the app itself seems to be okay, I had a little trouble getting it up and running due to a CSS conflict. Once that was settled, it was simple to use, however I discovered that in order to get documentation on the product (like their document on creating and editing events) you have to be a subscriber. I look very poorly on a company that gives their product away for free, but then turns around and charges for documentation.