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bycrsanchez, February 25, 2014
I do not know why these negative comments to this great extension.The extension works from beginning to end, stupendously. I add it to my favorites on the JED, because truth, has nothing to envy to others.

Thanks to the developers for this great contribution.
bycrsanchez, September 28, 2013
It works very well. A single parameter, but it's necessary, since everything else is gets as CCK itself. Excellent work, thanks for sharing.
bycrsanchez, January 27, 2013
Now we can develop one or more templates or different styles using a single library of bootstrap.

Also when you upgrade to Joomla! 3.0 onwards, maintains the structure, so we will not have compatibility problems with your templates.

Simply great.
bycrsanchez, January 21, 2013
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
In my case I was integrating Bootstrap, in my Joomla! 2.5, and was making use of the script that provides me this excellent Framework. However to do this, and use Jquery, quickly came into conflict with MooTools.

But thanks has this excellent plugin, all this dissipated and gave way to my site will work 100%.

Thank you for everything.
This is wonderful. K2 is no longer needed or any other cck, with this get your additional fields and in a simple manner. Most imprecionante for me was, I can put these fields to show places you want.
And for those who like me do not know how to put subtitles to your articles, you FieldAttach provides that and more.
Thank you and continue to help the developers of this great extension for this to be one of the best.
bycrsanchez, August 4, 2012
BT Social Sharing
Not that other users may have problems with this plugin, it works 100%. Sincerely BowTheme friends, you are good at what they do, keep it up, count on you.
bycrsanchez, June 28, 2012
SP Tab
It's just great. Easy in every aspect and runs on any browser.
And I quote the following comment, since it is the truth:
"In general, Joomla is easy to work, and if someone can't make this extension work properly, I don't believe the user can even manage to install Joomla.".
Now I wonder where the sixth star.
thank you very much and expect more.
Owner's reply

Thanks :)

bycrsanchez, June 16, 2012
BT Content Slider
It's amazing, for one recommend it to anyone, especially because it works without any problems. Thank you and hope you keep up to date.
bycrsanchez, April 22, 2012
Just perfect. If you add more compatibility with other extensions, for example, the gallery "Phocagallery" would be great.
In any way thanks to all developers of this great component and I hope you keep updating.
bycrsanchez, March 15, 2012
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JUNewsUltra Pro
Congratulations to all the makers of this great module.
Just one thing keep in mind that does not work one of the nice features of joomla 2.5, which are putting an image on the introduction of an article and another in the full article.
Since this module when you do not specify an image in your article makes you another that brings the default, since it is an option that brings the module, making it mandatory to put a picture in your article and this remains a some flexibility to module.
But otherwise this super well and also took me out of big trouble so thanks.
bycrsanchez, March 5, 2012
Global News
(I do not speak much English but I'll try and be a worthwhile.)

I always had the view that this module is the best time to show the news on the frontpage. But now with this new update for joomla 2.5 should consider putting something that had a version for 1.5 and removed in 2.5, which is the "Ordering". With this option I could choose to show me such newly added items (Recently Added), which is a key option for my work. Please consider making this option to continue giving such an excellent utility module.
Another flaw that I found but I could fix it, only I mention it here to recognize already, it is time to put the "suffix to the class module" (Module Class Suffix) does not work, since they lack the codes needed to it.