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Realtyna RPL
With RPL I found a very good real estate component for joomla. The biggest problem for me has been, that the extension was made for US pages. In germany we have other things which are necessary instead of the number of bath rooms. But its highly scalable and the support works very fast, user friendly and for a fair price (I needed some customisations).
Please go on like this!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review.

From the day 1, RPL has been developed with the International market in mind.

We have made the system flexible in every way, that it can automatically be tuned to any market need. Some of the key features that contribute to RPL’s flexibility are:

1.The powerful Flex add-on enables you shape your Add Listing Wizard (Property Wizard) the way you want. You can change the existing fields, disable them or even add new fields according to your country standards.

2.The robust and flexible 7-level Location System, which can easily be matched with any country location structure. For example in the United States the location structure is State, County, City, Area and there is ZIP Code which ties to the State. In France, the location structure is Province, Department, City. And the ZIP Code ties to the City.We also release location system for Germany.
All these configurations are possible in RPL and even one step further, you can have more than one country, each configured in different way on a single website.

3.RPL supports multi-lingual websites in everyway. From the translation of the interface to many different languages, to enabling users to add the listing in different languages, and even in the sense of measurement units and currencies.

We invite you to have a look at RPL manual for more details:

You can find some of the multi-lingual websites of our clients in our portfolio page.

If you still need help, please submit a support ticket here: and our team will help you for setting your website configuration for Germany.

bycrudi, November 19, 2012
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Because of the missing copy function in the nivio slider, the author informed me, when this extensions had been released. And its really cool. You can nearly adjust everything.
I've had a CSS Problem with the extension and my template what has been solved in between some hours from the author.
bycrudi, September 1, 2010
With this extension you get a really good classified ad component.
But its only good - not excellent, because it doesnt work "out of the box" and there is no translation. So I had to ask for support - and I got support.