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bycschaefer, January 21, 2013
Video Chat
Nothing more to say but excellent! installed without effort into Joomla1.5 as external url... actually it works as a standalone via host server - no charge. 3 video users - works well.
bycschaefer, July 2, 2012
Great useful options on the backend and with front end editor access this provides excellent control of real-time property management. Nice and simple. The installation completed without errors into Joomla!2.5.6.
bycschaefer, February 19, 2012
Lab5 Mobile Videos
The installation and notes with the extension are great. The product performs well and using the recommended video converts works well. One problem I'm having is to get the play list to scroll in Joomla!1.5.25. Otherwise, really nice extension.
Owner's reply

Hi there.
First please try the latest version. Some JS has changed and might solve your issue.

Normal case: reinstall the module.
Alternatively, if you already have a lot of settings made, i recomend to NOT use the installer in this certain case, but rather un-zip the new version's package and then manualy overwrite the modues files on the server ( found in /modules/mod_lab5_mobile_videos/ ).

2.Clean cache:
The next step is also important : clean the modules cache. For this, in the backend goto
"Tools" -> "Clean Cache" -> mark them all and press "Delete". After that reload the (front)page and check back about wether the probs have now gone.

bycschaefer, January 21, 2012
Good documentation. Install was flawless with Joomla!1.5.25; Community Builder 1.7.1. Default features work. Love the ability to send copy of transcript. The install setting menu is great. Hope VoIP and Video will come soon.
bycschaefer, December 22, 2011
A lot of thought has gone into this. Good manual. Installed correctly into J1.5.25.
Well done!
bycschaefer, November 15, 2011
Some much in this package with yet more potential by adding on plugins Joomla! extensions and other third party goodies. Fantastic job on getting people started in web markets
bycschaefer, December 22, 2010
RSform Pro
I keep finding more features. Support is very friendly. This is the first RSJoomla extension I have used and I'm impressed with the flexibility. I'm not a programmer and I had really neat forms going in less then 10 minutes with the examples provided. I did have issues with Joomfish but RSJoomla support helped me resolve. I'm looking forward to integration with other products. I think this is a keeper. Garth