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Multifeed Tab
This is a great little functional plugin which adds value to my community site for some of its members. This almost worked out of the box. When i had a problem with the adjacent CB profile tabs turning blue, i emailed the developer and got a new css file the next day.

The only thing missing is an easy way to configure the field "blog image". It appears to search for a blogspot-type standard profile image and did not work with my customized WordPress blog (even though there is an image coupled to each post). I'm fine with it not finding that, but disappointed in the broken image pane still on the profile.
Owner's reply

Thx for the great review!

The css bug (CB profile tabs turning blue) is now fixed in version 1.3!

This extension took a while for me to figure and out and use effectively, but i decided ultimately not to use it because of its incompatibility with a number of components i was using, Lyftens Blog and Sim Gallery. I also had a hard time adapting it to my needs in Community Builder. The most disappointing was that i couldn't use this extension selectively with the native Joomla SEF which worked the best for most of my URL naming across all components (except Community Builder). The search continues....
Owner's reply

hi csfitz
Sorry to hear you're still searching :) However, while looking at sh404sef it seems you missed the "By components" settings page ? that's where you select whether to build urls using sh404sef built inplugins, joomla native router.php files, a simple default url encoding or even to leave them non-sef. And you do that on a component by component basis - plus you also select whether to translate urls if using joomfish, and more...