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bycsmwebdesign, March 17, 2011
Easy Folder Listing Pro
For my situation, we have folders of documents which get updated regularly. This fantastic plugin allows users to view folders, and subfolders and links are automatically generated to allow users to view / download files.

There were some slight problems at first (down to me using Windows hosting rather than Linux) but Michael offered a fantastic level of support, both on his blog and through email. For 4 dollars (£2.50) this saves so much time. Cannot recommend enough!!
bycsmwebdesign, March 16, 2011
This extension is good, and was exactly what I was after. Unfortunately though there are no easy options to remove the "powered by" messages, and after paying for software I don't see what I should advertise it. Others have asked for the option to disable this, so can it please be put into the next release.
Owner's reply


We still don't have this option since we are working on version 3.0 where it will be removed.

Until then, we offered our support to each client who wanted to remove ""powered by" message.

So, it's not really true that "there are no easy options to remove", it's really simple, you just have to ask.