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bycssone, October 4, 2010
J4age provides detailed and reliable statistics regarding who or whom is accessing your Joomla website.

The component is easy to work with and is invaluable as an analytical tool for maintaining a functional website. This is a standard for all websites I build (external or internal) the last few months. I have used many others, however this component is rock-solid, dependable and not resource intensive.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this feedback, but I have to correct one statement. j4age is quite resource intensive regarding Database and you should always keep an eye on the size.

In the mean time we have added a "Drop Data" functionality, which allows to release all captured statistical data until a specific date by just pressing one button.

I saw webpages which have collected 200MB within 2 years. A regular webpage will captured approx. 20MB every year. A private homepage around 2MB.

We constantly try to improve the response times and resource consumption, that´s why we are focused to take more advantage of our caching mechanism in the future.

Use it wisely and it won´t let you down :)

bycssone, September 30, 2010
CE Feedback for Contact Enhanced
This developer continues to outdo himself. CE Feedback for Contact Enhanced is a very useful plug-in to an already functional component.

Using a modal window for the feedback form was simply a stroke of genius. This plug-in works great and the email messages generated looks good and contain all necessary information for follow-up communications.

I had an issue and the developer worked on it way past normal working hours. It is this dedication to supporting his customers after he has sold them the product, that separates Douglas from the multitude of other developers. I would not hesitate to buy any other component, module or plug-in from Douglas. He simply has the best support that I have seen.
bycssone, September 3, 2010
I am a long time user of BF Quiz, however I was under the gun to bring a project on-line and my installation of BF Quiz was not working. The questions I had devloped were to the client's liking and they expected a quiz component to be an integral part of the website. I spent some time trying to resolve the issues with this component, but could not get it to present in a reliable manner.

I did a search of other quiz components and basically did not like what I saw. They were either too expensive, unnecessarily complicated or not functional for my needs.

I ran across SimpleQuiz and liked what I initially saw. I was very surprised and impressed that this component did more than provide a replacement for the other troublesome component.

SimpleQuiz is more than simple, it provides easy to implement functionality in presenting quizzes that I never had before. It is a very powerful and complete component at an affordable price. I was able to port the quizzes I had prepared and present them using SimpleQuiz. The client was very pleased.
bycssone, September 3, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I have used MooFAQ for the last few years. I recently saw that there was a new version and believed that I still had an active subscription. I sent the developer an email explaining the circumstances. He kindly and rightly let me know that my subscription was not active, however he sent me the latest version of the component. I have since updated my subscription and plan on keeping it active. It is that type of support that actually persuaded me to buy his Contact Enhanced component a few days ago.

MooFAQ has always just worked. It allows a developer to easily create a FAQ section for your website or a series of FAQs, if needed. My customers are always satisfied when they see the FAQ in action. It is a component that makes my job easier.

The support provided by the component developer is phenomenal. He routinely goes above and beyond the service and advice you get from others.
bycssone, September 3, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I needed a Contact component that incorporated Google Maps. I've used this developer's MooFAQ on a few websites, so I gave this a chance. I am very happy with Contact Enhanced. Not only did it incorporate Google Maps, it allowed the user to get directions at the same time. The component was easy to configure and looked great on the website.

I had a problem with the Google Map showing up in Internet Explorer. I got with the developer and he worked with me until the issue was cleared up (turned out to be a problem associated with Artisteer templates). The developer was very knowledgeable and made sure I understood what was going on and what he was doing.

I now have a great appreciation for this developer and have found out that the component has many diverse uses. A great product and follow-up service.
bycssone, October 29, 2008
MoeScroll Advanced
There are many good scroll extensions out there for Joomla. This extension stands out, for me, because it provides more than one way to achieve the scrolling result. One example, you can use one article only or choose to have it scroll by category.

They really provide a multitude of configuration options and they seem to continue to mature the product. This extension has made my job of developing websites a little easier.