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bycswartz40, April 7, 2010
JV-LinkDirectory (JVSE)
This product sounds great. However, I have spent over an half hour struggling with registration for your product. The first time was my bad, I forgot to check that I agreed to the terms. Problem, I couldn't go back and change that and I couldn't log in with my account after that. SO, I tried with a different e-mail. This time I kept getting reset off the referral and optional field.

Anyhow, before you write me off as a novice, I have over 25 years in the software industry and I have downloaded and tested a lot of different extensions over the past 8 months. This is the first time, I decided against a product because I couldn't even login. What is funny, is this is the second extension I read about I decided to pay money for...
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking your time to write this review. We understand that you had a tough time, during registration and login, and we apologize for that, but somehow, this is not a review for our product. Moroever, the instructions are pretty clear in the registration screen.

The fact that, you have given this review, ascertains that, you have eventually registered, logged in, purchased and have also used the product. We wish you could have given us an opportunity to help you on the registration/login and support you, by contacting us through our website, before submitting a review.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at our website.