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byctcreel, October 17, 2007
MaQma Helpdesk
I bought this component because of the ability to customize the ticket forms. I have a number of fairly sophisticated ticket driven processes and this feature was critical.

The component installed easily and while the documentation wasn't the best, I still figured it out. Unfortunately, there are a number of serious bugs that make the customizable features unusable. What is more frustrating is that, as other reviewers wrote below, the support is pretty much non-existent, quite an irony for a company that builds support desk software.

Even more frustrating is that I paid 300+ Euro for an upgrade and they have yet to deliver release the software to me. I'm beginning to wonder how "real" this company is based on my experience and the experience of the other reviewers.

This is all terribly unfortunate. Were the component to work as described and their support sufficient, I would give this component an Excellent rating. As it stands, however, anyone looking for something more advanced than a simple ticket system should keep looking.