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I don't get it. The demo on the wgPicasa website works just fine in IE. But my own install of wgPicasa does not work in IE. And neither the forums nor the FAQs on the wgPicasa are extensive enough to be helpful. I was impressed initially ... easy to install, easy to use ... looks great. But breaks in IE. Disappointed.
byctmctm, December 15, 2008
When you see the admin tool, you'll be blown away by it's design and maturity. Unfortunately, the admin tools are so much more advanced than the front end ... the part the user sees. The display of products on the site has so much to be desired. Why put so much effort into the admin tools and so much less effort into the product display and shopping cart functionality. This is still a good shopping cart, but be prepared to hack the code to make it look at least semi-professional to the site visitor.