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bycubefree, February 26, 2014
HTML 2 Articles
I have to give 5 stars for the software and support. At first, I tested it with the most consistent HTML pages with no images or links and oddly, it only saved about 20% of them.

I wondered I bought the wrong package, but I alerted the author who said he'd never seen anything quite like it. He surmised that software was moving too fast for my MySQL dB. He said he'd have a solution in 24 hrs. In 36 hrs it was all solved. He put a throttle on the import.

I'd give 6 stars if it can convert the imported links to joomla!
bycubefree, February 15, 2014
ARRA User Migrate
I have to say I had my doubts that there was a component out there that would allow me to import a CSV file with plain passwords and when imported they would be properly encrypted. Glad I was wrong!

Of course you will need to prepare your data. I use Seblod CCK, so I will have to go thru additional steps for supplemental user data, but I'm OK with that once I have a user id to associate with.

I have not tried the other migration methods the author offers, but with such a clean interface. Money well spent!
bycubefree, April 28, 2012
Jacarlin Redirect
I am amazed this plugin is not part of joomla itself... a non-authorized page should NEVER go to a 404 page. This plugin fixes exactly that.

A good start to the plugin and doing me fine in a pinch.

I wish it had one more feature, such as: After a successful login, then go to the page your were originally on, i.e. the one that forced you to login at the start. Setting that dynamically would be great. thx Jacob
bycubefree, March 19, 2012
ARI Image Slider
When I upgraded a site from J1.5 to J2.5, I had to replace an old image slider. So glad I landed on Ari Image Slider. It does everything described and it works. Lots of parameters to tweak this. Very Nice Work!!
bycubefree, November 22, 2011
Tweet Display Back
Wow, this author really went the long green mile for Joomla fans.

I tried 3 others and kept getting disappointed when things I'd try did not work (I have implemented about 35 Joomla sites over the last 5 years, so yes, I know how to clear cache) or did NOT really do what what the author programmed, or did not "really" work with J1.7.

This is a great module: Plethora of Options! And great CSS control!
bycubefree, December 15, 2010
Blog Calendar Reload
I like this so far... it definitely fills a void, that WordPress does well: Blog Posts and a link to them by month.

I used jSeblod CCK to create a blog content type + Jcomments (or other).

My only complaint so far is the CSS built by the component, but I don't think it's the author's fault.

e.g. I want to edit the date displayed in the H3 tag within td.contentheading -- as I don't want the date above each article in the component area.

Additionally, it seems redundant as the module has a parameter for 'Show Created Date'.
bycubefree, November 8, 2007
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Core Design Glossary
What can you say works out of the box. Ok if you're a newbie you define your terms inside the Mambot itself -- not on your page. I'd give this an excellent rating if there were a wee bit more documentation and an easy for my client to add their terms themselves. And wouldn't it be nice... (don't mean to sound like Beach Boys here) ... if there were admin interface for the term records, but did the author say, FREE! ~cubefree