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bycubsvikes, September 30, 2009
AutoTweet NG
I hadn't even thought of an auto-tweeting for our Joomla site... this works perfectly! Easy to setup, not one complaint. Nice plugin!
bycubsvikes, June 7, 2008
Z Weather
If you have a site with a lot of traffic, I would not recommend using the Module for Z Weather on every page. I do websites for some radios stations that wanted current conditions on every page and through trial and error, discovered that the module adds 3 - 5 seconds of load time to a page. I still use it, but only on one page and not the whole site.

The info updates well from the NWS and it's a great component. I would recommend, but don't use the module on every page. Just use it on one "Weather" page.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The slowness is caused when the component retreives new weather data from the National Weather Service server. The optional cronjob feature was recently released for version 6 of Z Weather, which updates the weather data instead of your website visitors. This will improve your website performance on pages where the Z Weather component or module are used.