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bycuertech, July 14, 2014
Securitycheck Pro
I found this extension to be a highly configurable and effective addition to my site.
The control panel of the extension is logically and intuitively laid out and is a paradise for the obsessive tweaker of settings (me) or a simple choice of quick set up options (security high or security conservative) for the busier, just want to click and go types.
To get the full benefit of the possibilities of this powerful extension one really needs to digest the clearly written, well expressed and comprehensive online user manual .
Highly recommended.
bycuertech, September 23, 2009
Article Module
A very useful and well implemented module indeed.

bycuertech, February 28, 2009
Today I managed to integrate PHPBB3 into my Joomla site and found it to be working as I hoped and expected.

These JFusion guys have made it idiot proof almost.

Wonderful extension, wonderfully implemented.

I may be in a good mood all weekend now :0)