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byculinaryculture, February 9, 2012
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sPro Facebook Landing Page
I have installed and tried nearly every single extension available for Joomla, and was completely floored by this one! It is OUTSTANDING. It works absolutely beautifully and within moments of installation. I cannot figure out why this isn't featured on the Extensions Directory home page. Superb work guys!! I paid 5 bucks for it! I paid far more for others that I fumbled with four hours and still cold not get to work. This is hands down the best extension so far this year!
byculinaryculture, July 13, 2010
This extension has very poor directions. I tried to make it work for some time, but it simply would not work.
Owner's reply

There is a demo site with examples and complete syntax. What more do you need?

byculinaryculture, February 18, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Joomla pack is by far the best Joomla extension for several reasons...
1.The documentation is clear and easy to implement. Albeit there is a slight learning curve, if you follow the directions, it will work.

2.Once you get the hang of it you can clone any site in sheer minutes.

3.The support is beyond superb! The forum is VERY well administered and they always were prompt and clear.

4. It is being supported and updated, unlike many of the extensions available for Joomla.

This should really be a core component. It is superb.
byculinaryculture, January 4, 2010
When you use this product you will find that you have gained not only a VERY powerful and slick form generator but ALSO the assistance of the developer which is invaluable.

Breezing forms has allowed me to create a truly powerful and beautiful form for my site. Without Breezing Forms it would have taken me SO much longer. A MUST HAVE for all Joomla Developers!
byculinaryculture, November 7, 2009
Zap Calendar
This is hands down the best calendar component and module combination for Joomla. I have tried them all, hacked them all and in the end came back to this one because it is simply the best. The code is well written. The support is quick and superb. The developer really cares about his products and even made the effort to add a feature that I was looking for to the latest version.

The additional features like the google maps integration and jom social integration make this extension a must have for any site requiring a calendar.

The feature that was most important to me was to have a small calendar module that I can set to open on a specific date in the future WITH the events highlighted on it. No other module could provide this except for Zap Calendar. The rest is icing on the cake.

Phoca Gallery
I have basically tried every photo gallery extension and I would say that this is one of the best and most coplete out there. First of all, all of the features actually work, which compared with some is a big deal. It is set up very much like your typical joomla setup, so there really isnt a learning curve as you try to navigate something new. Also, it is loaded with features, so you get a lot in this componant. My favorite feature is being able to easily select from your list of registered members if you want a gallery category to only be visable to them. This is really cool... esspecially for people who do paid work. Great job! I havent even gotten to check out the extensions yet, but I am excited to try them.
byculinaryculture, January 21, 2009
I have been using this for ten minutes and already see that it is far superior to morfeo show. I love that it is simple to make galleries visible to registered guests only and the bulk upload feature is a real asset. I cant wait to install cool iris!!