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bycurtisbollington, June 26, 2013
Vik TripAdvisor Reviews
This is a neat little extension that displays the hotel/b&b's rating, rank, and a user-defined number of comments in a panel. It has the TripAdvisor style, which is instantly recognisable by visitors. Simple to install and set up. And free. Recommended.
bycurtisbollington, November 9, 2012
I've never submitted a review before, even though I've used many Joomla components on many different sites. However HikaShop deserves to be acknowledged. It's a brilliant component into which a massive amount of effort has been put to make it comprehensive, feature-rich and well supported. I now use the commercial version, but it's amazing that there is even a free version available. ecommerce modules are always going to be complex, but HikaShop is fairly intuitive, well-organised and easy to manage compared to others. The online documentation is always one click away, even if it's a bit sketchy at times (I know this is constantly being worked on). Despite the lack of a good, comprehensive manual though, it's probably as easy to set up and use as an ecommerce module can be. So far, if I've wanted a feature, it's already included in HikaShop. The support is excellent, with prompt and helpful responses. In short, this is a superb extension that looks set to lead the field. It fully deserves all the praise it gets.