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bycustomizedvapor, July 22, 2013
Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2
I had problems with K2Story and this working and I got a lot of help and time dedicated to trying and figuring it out.

It doesn't really work for what I am trying to do because of not working with K2Story and I think for anyone that needs it that isn't using K2Story should download this simple and great extension.

I asked for a refund and was told I would receive all but 5 dollars back and with all the help I think that is so nice and amazing!
bycustomizedvapor, July 15, 2013
JE K2 Story
I wouldn't know where to begin implementing this stuff but I do know it is needed, and if you made the program in the first place I bet you can figure it out, feel me?

It is hard getting how to edit extra fields so they bring down from the categories but I figured with a k2 extra fields plugin that it should work famously besides the stuff I wish it had or should I say, it just should have.

Its been almost 24 hours since I sent a troubleshoot email and still have not got a reply back but I am sure 'they' are busy?

There is not anything that I could find to work with that I have to do for my Electronic Cigarette Liquid Recipe Site for people to be able to submit recipes. I do however want to know how to take the editor out or how to replace the standard fields to read something besides submit article.. I mean they are after all submitting 'items' :)

Another things is be able to have it submit from different pages so you can customized the 'submit page' look.

There needs to be a little more options but I know that comes with time but I mean I would think they are pretty basic things you want to edit or am I just crazy?
Owner's reply

We are reply you with in 24 hrs also, in your site conflict one plugin with our component that not our issue we are also ready to help you in that, Also mail you regarding that we are working on it.

All features in that component, For more features we are also added JE k2 Multistory component there.