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bycvad, April 24, 2014
Accordion Plant Light
I tried several similar extensions. However, because of incompatibility with the template or other extensions in use in the same page none worked for me.
This one just nailed it!
bycvad, April 24, 2014
Availability Calendar
Simple to use, exactly what I was looking for.
bycvad, May 10, 2012
SWFobject module
Great extension! I had a few problems making my flash banner to go under the menu and this module solved it in no time.

I was able to see the menu in Safari and FF (mac) but not in IE, Chrome or FF (PC).

With this I just set the window mode to transparent and it started to work like it should in all browsers.
bycvad, March 20, 2012
Articles Anywhere
I've only worked with this extension for 5 minutes and it was enough to solve my problem. I needed something to insert "about the author" in lots of articles without having to change them all everytime the author added something to his CV. This solved my problem in no time. Thank you!