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bycward55253, April 23, 2012
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Mosets Tree
Let me start by saying that I just began using Joomla 5 months ago, so I'm still a 'newbie'. I purchased a costly Directory Extension from another developer and had nothing but problems from the start.

Was a little worried about purchasing another program, but really needed a directory for a Chamber of Commerce website with a VERY small budget.

I literally had this one up and working within seconds of downloading it. Had ONE issue, went to their website and found the answer in seconds.

The ability to add a Youtube URL is awesome and works perfectly.

The Locate on Map after you enter the address is amazing.

Changing a listing from one category to another, or even better yet, being able to COPY a listing to show in more than one category..well, I can't tell you how happy I was to discover THAT feature!

I've only added one custom field so far, a simple Radio Button, but it worked the very first time and can't wait to try more of them.

I have not even delved into this program much, because it worked so quickly and easily right out of the box, but I'm sure there are more great features for me to discover.

I can't say enough good things about Mosets Tree and encourage anyone who needs a good directory program to purchase this!

Many, many thanks to the developers!
bycward55253, January 26, 2012
New to Joomla, like my extensions uncomplicated, easy to configure, and do everything they say. Jevents was not that hard to configure out of the box using the documentation, had a basic calendar AND latest events modules up and running in no time. Changing layouts and looks was a little challenging, until I broke down and asked for help in the forum....and wished I had done so much sooner.

Forum support was awesome, EVERY question answered in detail. When I told them to 'dumb down' the explanation a bit for a newbie like me, they did just that and I was able to make the changes.

I don't have another calendar extension to compare it to, but I do have to say that once you get a hang of it, this one is great.

Becoming a Gold Member was SO worth the price, not just for the awesome support, but for the great plugins:
Image and File Upload Plugin
Facebook Share Plug In
Additional Calendar Layouts
User Authorization Plugin
I can't list them all, and there are WAY more than I have even tried, waiting until I feel more comfortable with the ones I have.

Absolutely recommend this extension!
bycward55253, January 21, 2012
Article Factory Manager
This extensions was the 3rd or 4th one I bought for the purpose of front end article submission. While the other extensions offered more 'customization' such as custom layouts for the articles, etc.. they were so confusing with their documentation and required so much time to set up, I gave up.

Found another one that seemed simple, like the Article Factory, bought it, but it caused some problems with displaying on the site. Waited about a week for them to solve the issue, then gave up.

Got Article Factory last night, set it up this morning, tested it. Was unhappy that the JCE editor didn't show in the front end, because I wanted people to be able to format their articles, add photos, etc..

Went to their forum, read several different posts including answers from their staff, had the problem solved in seconds.

I'm new to Joomla, so I want my extensions 'basic' as far as setup, but I also want them to work as described.

This one, so far, has met my expectations.
bycward55253, January 12, 2012
Installed it, and literally within seconds it was up and running! And, you get to choose whether to automatically create captions for images already published or not, other variables, I love it, easy, looks nice, great plug in.
bycward55253, January 11, 2012
AutoTweet NG Pro
I am a Joomla Newbie, and have learned a lot in the month or so I've been using it. Downloaded the free app first, then bought the Pro Version.

Had many questions about configuration even after reading the documentation, posted questions on the forum, they were answered quickly and CLEARLY so that I was able to make this component work.

Did my first test this morning: edited an article in Joomla, went to Auto Tweet Messages on back end of Joomla, approved the article and BOOM, it was on the Facebook page pretty as can be.

Still need to figure out how to make it work with my own App on facebook, and I'm sure I'll be posting to the forum a bunch more times (sorry developers!).

Love the product, Love the customer service.
bycward55253, January 8, 2012
VTEM Weather
Super simple, looks great, support was outstanding. I bought the package where you can download many extensions, and it was well worth the money. As I said, support was great, I had many questions when I started, but they answered them quickly and had me up and running in no time.
bycward55253, January 8, 2012
RAXO All-mode PRO
I just started using Joomla about a month ago, after many years of using Dreamweaver to create websites. I was asked to do a site for a Chamber of Commerce, and wanted a way to display the Member's articles that looked nice, organized, and wasn't hard to do. I bought Raxo All Pro, then quickly also bought three of the templates and I couldn't be happier.

It was easy to install, easy to configure, easy to implement and I've used it pretty much everywhere on the site now.

The support is great, I got quick answers to the few questions I had. The forums are great for reading others questions and seeing the solutions. In fact, one question I asked, I figured out the answer simply by reading the forums.

Definitely worth the money!