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I must first start by saying that I have never left any feedback on any component before. I'm so upset about this product that I literally took the time to setup an account and write a review. I never take the time to review anything. Please do not purchase this component. This product has several issues that does not make sense to the end user, such as having to have a region regardless of if this is just for use in America. I've not found a way to add discount packages for someone who posts multiple ads. The img sliders have broke on more than one occasion. Within the first week I emailed them about this issues and over 3 mths have went by without any response, eventually I figured out the issue. More recently (Dec 14th) I posted on their forums as well as emailed several issues, one being a major layout issue, and they have not responded and it's almost been 10 days. I don't know about anyone else reading this, but with as large of a free extension library that is offer for Joomla, I can't pay for a component that the authors take over 10 days to respond for support. I'm still waiting. Very poor/ non existent customer response, poor script coding that breaks often.Lack of multiple payment modules, lack of many features you or your clients would expect in a paid app. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED TO BE A REQUEST OR ATTEMPT FOR SUPPORT.POSTS HAVE BEEN MADE AND CONTACT ATTEMPTED. THIS IS A WARNING TO AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS! I now am months behind, and am at a crossroads of what to do now!
Owner's reply

Reply from JoomClan Team:

Its more frustration then a review. We have already got in touch with a user and scheduled a meeting/remote session for coming Monday.

Following email was send to the end user:
Its Hassan Janjua, owner of I would like to go over all your issues after holidays.

Here is the Agenda

-We will go over issues one by one and try to resolve them over the phone or remote session.
-Things we will not resolve we will take them as the note and will address them in a patch or next release.
-I would like to have a meeting with template designer as well. If he/she is not be available via phone I would like to get their email to address current issue you are having with template integration with joomlistings.

My cell phone is [removed]

Available Timings: Any time after 8pm EST.

Please let me know.

Hassan Janjua


Issue reported on Dec 14, 2009: In JoomClan forums, user reported
"I am having layout issues all of a sudden, multiple lines are being used now without proper spacing when posting an Ad so it's hard to read. Also the description box now violates the box. Please review screen shots and post the fixes for me. I appreciate a quick response. I'm very pressed for time!"
Got reply from JoomListings member on Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:50 am

[JC] This issue is 100% a template design issue. When we QA the component we do with joomla! out of the box template(s) and/or with popular template clubs like Rocket theme, and JA. We can't test with each and every template out there. We never took this high issue because this was a template and JoomListings member indicated it right away.

Other issues user mentioned was not reported we still have to identify them and resolve them

Forum is not the only way to get support with JoomClan. Support direct number is mentioned every where on the site.

We will talk to the end user and will try to resolve issue(s).