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bycybersalt, October 31, 2014
This is really great. It would be awesome if it were available as a module too. I'd like to have it on a home page that has the article component turned off.
bycybersalt, July 24, 2014
This is an awesome extension - as is the support!
bycybersalt, May 25, 2014
Author List
I was really only looking for an easier way to set up Google+ authorship on a site when I tried this extension. Not only did it fulfil that need, but the other features blew me away - things I didn't even know I wanted for my sites!
bycybersalt, January 10, 2011
Account Expiration Control
This is a great extension. I watched the programmer's two demonstration videos before purchasing and found it everything I needed and more.

After purchasing, downloading, and installing I began setting things up. I like the organization and thinking behind AEC's way of handling paid subscriptions. It makes perfect sense and I'm not afraid to try to show my client how to use AEC on the site I am building for them.

I did get stuck at one point during configuration but I logged into the support forum and found my solution within a minute.

I only need the paypal payment gateway, but the fact that there are 45 different payment processor gateways included tells me that the people behind this extension are there for their users.

AEC is rich with options for configuring to your exact needs.

I am putting it on a 1.5 site but am excited to see it's already ready for 1.6 - a solution for one of my personal sites I've been waiting years to finally launch.
bycybersalt, March 20, 2010
Nice component!

Once I read the clear and obvious instructions on how to put in my location (which is a brilliant method IMHO) all went smooth.

Keep up the good work.
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