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bycyberviews, August 24, 2014
Wide Slide
I just installed the slideshow and I deactivated jQuery.

When I had a look in the sourcecode of my website, all the libaries from wide slide were still there

So my jQuery was loaded twice. Not really good.

I know that this module it for free, but I still can expect that things are working properly
Owner's reply

Please ask for help before leaving a bad review. It does unload jquery. It still loads the needed scripts to run the slideshow. Does it work as expected?

bycyberviews, August 15, 2014
JMS Responsive menu
A really nice responsive navigation with the choice of different navigation styles for mobile phones

But I really would like to see that the css files are removed from the body and inserted in the head section of the index.php.

Otherwise it is impossible to overwrite styles to make the look of the module fit into the design of the website by overwrites.

The box shadows are really out of date and deprecated. Nowadays flat design without rounded corners and shadows is state of the art.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, March 27, 2014
BT Background Slideshow
I have bought this module quite a while ago for a client who wanted a slideshow for his comany website and it was a pleasure to work with this extension and the options are andless.

Now my client had a little problem updating his Joomla installation because the slideshow didn't work anymore.

I contactd Bow Themes and a very freindly and competent lady helped me immediately in a kind and professional way.

In no time I could send the new version of the BT Background Slideshow to my client and we are all happy again :)

This company is very professional and their extensions are just wonderful.

I recommend Bow Themas and their products to everyone who needs elegant and comfortable solutions.

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, August 27, 2013
I was looking for an extension that enables special display of Joomla! content.

I discovered this wonderful module and I must say that I have never seen a better one in all the years I develop sites with Joomla!

Endless options and an amazing backend!

Easy to handle and fancy details which shows that the developer had us web designers in mind and that he wanted to make life easier for us :)

When using this, the developer has complete freedom to show or hide exactly the details needed or not needed.

Title from article or not, image from article or not, article desctiption or not.

And every option also gives the possiblity to add a custom title, image, description. Perfect when an article title is too long!

I really love this module and I am sure that I wil use this on many sites.

There is only one minor flaw in this extension: It is not multilingual, so one must add custom language files.

But that is something I can happily live with :)

Thanks for this great module!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, July 9, 2013
JoomUltra WorldMap
After some problems in the beginning (because I have a lot to do and I am in a hurry, so no time to look properly) which were professionally solved by the developer of this great extension, I want to say that this component, module is just perfect.

Load of options (which confused me in the beginning) which give loads of possibilities.

You can even style all the regions (countries) by by batch

great styling options

looks extremely professional and adapts perfectly to templates

Goog work!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, May 19, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
I always try to make websites I develop smart ones. That means that I use different versions of a template to have a lightweight version for smartphones.

This extension is just the perfect help to achieve that modules, which are not essential for a website, wont be loaded on a smartphone.

For example dies nobody want to see a Facebook or a Twitter feed on a smartphone and with this extension it can just be deactivated fpr thses devices.

This is not the only option one has but this is a very important option for my projects.

It makes work so much more comfortable and I am grateful for this extension.

It is quite amazing that it is for free!
bycyberviews, May 5, 2013
I bought this extension on good luck because the options pleased me.

After installing and entering the backend of the component I was quite impressed and intimidated by all the possible options this component offers.

I am developing responsive Templates and one of the challenges is the loading time of a Joomla site on mobile phones.

It is quite hard to enhance laoding time because one cannot "delete" modules or other content from the index.php file.

It's just there and using "display:none;" doesn't hold a user agent back from still loading the module.

So this component is just absolutely perfect to develop different versions of a template. Some with all the bells and wisthles for the desktop computers and some slim versions for all mobile devices.

Even Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 are implemented in the component! So I will be able to create a total different template in the odl fashioned tables to give IE6 users a propper user experience.

This component is magic :) I am really happy that the developer dd such a good job.

Not only did he create a great extension for Joomla which makes the life of a UI developer much easier but he also gives great support when one needs some help (I bothered him with three emails and he answered promptly and very friendly).

I would like to recommend this compoent to everybody who is a UX/UI Developer because it is such convenient to work with it!

Thanks for this perfect tool.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, April 19, 2013
SEO Glossary
I just purchased this extension and installed it in my Joomla installtion.

I created two glossaries (one for German and one for English) and created in both the same term (Joomla) to test things.

I added an English description to the term Joomla for the English glossary and a German descriotpn for th term to the German glossary.

Saved my stuff and when to the front-end to chek if it works.

It really does and looks good.

But in both versions of the article (English and German) the English description of the Term "Joomla" will appear.
Owner's reply

Thanks for having reported.
The multilingual bug was fixed 1 day after it was flagged ;)

bycyberviews, April 12, 2013
Akeeba Backup
I was always a bit intimidated by Akeeba to perform a backup.

Tonight I gave it a try by backing up my site and creating a new subdomain a new database and a new folder on my server.

I quickly read the manual and started.

This component is just perfect! It worked in a blink of an eye!

No hassle, no problems, just perfect results :)

Now I have tow versions of my website.

Thank you for such an easy and comfortable extension!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, February 22, 2013
WS Portfolio - Sortable Isotope Portfolio
I created a one-page site for my portfolio and I found this module on the site of the developer.

After installing it and adding projects, it worked like a charm.

Looks not only very fancy but also very impressing.

When I tested my website on different devices and by resizing my browser window, it looked really magic :)

Elegent effects, non-obstrusive and convenient to work with.

Worth every single cent.

Thanks for the wonderful option to show off by showing my works :)

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, January 17, 2013
Content Slider
I prefer to make "quiet" interfaces and this extension is perfect for this.

The visitor will give attention to the info in the slider but wont be nerved by too excessive effects.

Good job!

Best regards,

bycyberviews, January 15, 2013
Customizable Social Bookmark Icons
Most of the social media plugins and modules are not really pleasant to look at.

Due to the lack of design skills of Facebook & Co those "like", "recommend" and "share" things look awefull.

I have spent many hours changing them into good looking icons which fit in the design of the website I develop.

This module here is just perfect. It is possible to replace the icons (I made them twice the size for retina first) and it is also possible to change the sourcecode by removing the icons and to use social icon fonts (they are scalable and look great on retina displays!).

I just entered the corresponding letter in the link tag and gave the link a css class to show the icon which is in fact just a letter.

This a module which pleases the heart of a tortured web developer, because it gives me the freedom to style the module the way it fits perfectly in the projects I design.

Thank you for giving us this great exension!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!

bycyberviews, January 15, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
I truely love this extension and I used it on several installations.

Everytime I had to deinstall it due to conflicts with other extensions who were more important than lazy lloading images.

Everytime I bought an extension, the support of this extension told me that the problem was the lazy load plugin.

Such a shame because it is a nice plugin.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Why didn't you use my support forum? If these extensions use jQuery and suppress the loading of Mootools, then you can not blame Lazy Load for it. This plugin only works if Mootools is also loaded. So it is the fault of these extensions and not of Lazy Load.

bycyberviews, November 30, 2012
I am developing a shop with a simple shop component which endables a webmaster to create products in simple Joomla articles.

Therefor it is neccessary to create several content categories to display the product/articles in.

I have tested several social share plugins and none of them showed the icons in category view.

This plugin is the solution for me, because by inserting a joomla-specific tag, I can insert the icons directly into an article/product.

This can even be done in the category description.

I gave four stars because I can't share an article/product on facebook, which would be nice because of the backlinks.

And it also would be great if the plugin whould recognize single articles in a catgory blog-view

At the moment the plugin shows the category name and not the artcle in that category when sharing on Twitter.

But still the best plugin for me.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, November 30, 2012
Yet Another Social
I just installed the plugin and was full of hope because I need social icons shwon in a category view (listed articles in one category).

Im the backend of this plugin one is asked if one wants to show the icons in category view.

I chose "yes" and when I lookes at the site I am developing, there were NO icons in the category view. The articles in the specific category were all there but without Icons.

When I looked at the article itself (not in category view) the icons were visible.

The plugin does not what is promised. Very disappointing.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

Before submitting this review, did you make an attempt to contact me via the Issue Tracker or contact form on my website? If so, you would've found that I could have done everything I could to assist you with your issue.

Unfortunately, not all developers play well with others and cause some headaches for developers in making their code work. On my own website, I have to have my plugins in a specific order, otherwise one of the plugins causes issues such as what you are seeing.

So, before submitting negative reviews talking about how something doesn't perform as advertised, could you possibly try to contact the developer to see if they can assist you with an issue? I know a lot of developers would be more than willing to resolve an issue if one is reported than to leave something broken.

bycyberviews, November 30, 2012
Social Share Buttons
I have developed a shop with a simple shop component (not sure if I am allowed to write the name of the component here) in which products can be displayed in normal Joomla articles.

So I created standard Joomla categories to visiualize the "product" categroies in which the Joomla articles are listed (pretending to be a shop product)

The developer of the social-share-buttons plugin writes, that the social buttons can be displayed in category view as well.

This is NOT true!

In the category/blog view there are NO buttons at all. In the single article view they are displayed.

This is very misleading and not really good.

So this is the reason for my poor rating, because I am fed up wirh all the promises made and not realised!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, November 18, 2012
Priceleaf shop
Russian is not a common language.

I would advice to have a multilingual website, if you want people to use your component


Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

At the expense of language, I agree with you, for me it is a problem. But with your assessment component, I do not understand. Your comment may not reflect how the component and its functionality, and find fault only to the fact that there is no description in English as it is wrong.

bycyberviews, November 17, 2012
I am looking for a quick solution for a client, who wants to sell a few products.

I installed this component and was delighted in the first few moments.

I even discovered that it can be used in a responsive template, so visitors can buy items from their mobile device as well.

But when creating a new product, I saw only the options "color" and "size".

This is not what I need. The strangeness about the whole thing is, that I can add as many options under "color" and "size" as I need and insert my own words.

Wouldn't it be quite logic to do this with the options "size" and "color" as well?

In that case I would be able to use options like "material", "width", "height" and other infos I want to show to my visitiors so they can pick the possibilities they need.

If the variations of "color" and "size" can be dynamically added, it cant be too much of a hassle to ad dynamically more options than "size" and "color".

Than it will be just a smashing component!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, November 1, 2012
Trendy Devices Showcase
I just discovered this module when I was looking for something special which is different from all the cloned effects and styles.

This is really a beautiful, stylish and posh module to show off with :)

It's a bit sad that the module is not reapsonsive for I develop responsive site only.

So I had to hide this smashing module for mobile devices (from tablet landscape and under) but I have a nice (not so posh though) alternative.

For website developers who are looking for that little extra this module will be a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Thx and keep up the great work.


Owner's reply

Thank you too Rob. This tool is complex enough but I will try to make it responsive in the next major upgrade.

bycyberviews, October 24, 2012
Responsive WS-Flexslider
I have installed free and pro slideshows and some were quite good and some were just crappy.

None of them was unobstrusive because most developers want to play designer and are forcing us to modify their css.

Today I discovered this module and I had a look at the demo. I fell in love with it immediately :)

It looks so elegant.

So I bought and installed it.

And then there was a problem because it was not working. I sent an email t the devloper and he answered in no time.

He took a lot of time to help me and finally we found out that it was NOT the module's fault. It was an issue with a jQuery from Google.

Now it works like a charm and I am happy as a child with it.

The extensions of WS-Theme are amazing. Elegant, posh and perfect to show off with.

The support is as elegant as the extensions are and I recommend everybody too have a look at the website.

I am 100% sure that everybody will find an extension he or she can't resist :)

Thx for the great help and for developing such perfect and elegant extensions!

best Regards,

Rob van Linda
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