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bycyberviews, October 22, 2012
I am using this module on my portfolio site, which has not so many links in the navigation.

This module is only used for mobile devices, to avoid long lists on top of the content in smartphones.

It works great except that I can't remove the predefined links.

I really don't want my visitors to go to the site of the developer of this module.

Most if the genreal settings are in Turkish and I must say that it is quite uncomfortable and quite annoying.

Joomla is international and we are all weilling to accept an Joomla extension in English.

But Turkish is not really helpfull when working in Joomla.

This should be changed immediately. Make this module commercial and give better options please.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply

All issues have been fixed. To remove links you just should write your own links and save the module. When you leave it blank it is automatically filled with default links. Anyway I ve removed all the links and settled the language problems. The new version can be downloaded now.

bycyberviews, October 9, 2012
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Maxi Menu CK
I use this module bvery often ad I love it.

But the payment is a bit hidden and quite tricky.

Why not offerig a complete package which includes the documentation and the plugin?

It is quite "schocking" to pay for a documentation (as far as I know this is the only Joomla extrension which has a documentation which has to be paid for).

And if I have to pay for a documentation, it would be just a good service to have it in all major languages.

Most of my clients don't speak english. Gerrman is also an important language in Europe and € 7,00 for a doc is not really cheap.

But the menu is a perfect extension.

Best regeards,

Rob vabn Linda
bycyberviews, July 25, 2012
Srizon Tag
This is just perfect.

I am devloping a responsive site for a consulting company and they are really eager to have an animated tag cloud on their website.

For Apple doesn't support flash it is quite a problem to find an animated, flash like, tag cloud.

This module here is the perfect solution and a relief for us poor suffering web-developers :)

It works like a charm. Just add some words and save. When clicking one of them, the search resukts will appear. Or you add a link to a specific article and by clicking you lead the visitor to the article you want to present.

And finally there is a person who looks into the future and dprovides us with a HTML5 module. It is about time more developers do that!

The price is a joke. It is worth double the amount I paid.

Thank you very much for the great work!

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, July 25, 2012
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I have used Falang for a consulting companies website and I have to say, that modules can't be translated. Only the titles can be. The content of a module (custom HTML and all the others) can't be multilingual. It is of utmost importance that this feature will be added.

Thanks in advance for doing so
Owner's reply

It's wrong , this function was added 3 months ago


bycyberviews, May 18, 2012
Code 7 Responsive Accordion
It works perfectly in a real module position.

With {laodposition position20} it wont do anything

And yes, I have the plugin to laod a module in an article enabled :)
Owner's reply

Just tested this and works fine -

We can help you fix it though if you pop us an email through with url etc.

One thing we did note was you have put
{laodposition position20}

it should be

{loadposition position20}

If that typo is on your site it wont work :)

bycyberviews, May 11, 2012
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Slideshow CK
I am developing sites in Joomla for quite a while now and I always hate the fact that the width of a slideshow has to be set in pixels.

Most of the devolpers seem to be unaware that responsive webdesign and mobile websites are existing for quite a while now and that pixel width is bad, bad, bad.

So when I found this module, I was thinking "Yeah yeah, Another lie!".

But I downloaded the module and installed it in one of my sites.

First nice surprise is the backend. Easy as cake and very structured.

Second nice surprise was the fact that tere are already images activated, so one can see if it worls directly. Very well done!!!

So I tool one of mine pics outof a folder and, guess what!, the image was resized and it fitted per-fect-ly in the module. Even if the siize of the images was not right.


But there are more goodies to come :-)

I tested it on my samsung galaxy S2 and .... IT WORKS!

It works like a charm and one can use the buttons to navigate through the slideshow.

This is the best slideshow I've EVER seen!

Thank you so very much for developing this great extrensions and for the great job you did!

My deepest rrspect!

Best regards from Berlin (Germany),

Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)

bycyberviews, April 13, 2012
Klixo ShareOn
I was looking for an unobstrusive way to have some social network buttons on my site.

This module is really unobstrusive and very elegant.

It is, when having knowledge how to modify images, very easy to adjust the grey buttons according to the design of the website.

Great little module and highly recommendable for all webdevelopers who dislike the "loud" big buttons.


Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, March 28, 2012
RSform Pro
I am working on a project for a client who needs application forms which are connected to Salesforce Web2Lead.

So I did a lot of internet research and found this component.

On the website it was stated that the Salesforce was working until Joomla 1.7 and I send a presale message to ask if it also works for Joomla 2.5.

I got a reply in just a few hours (which is not normal when one asks questions before purchasing) and the mail also contained a lot of helping links (the link with the demo is just wonderful!) and was written in a very pleasant manner.

So I bought the component for my client and I must say that it just fun to work with!

Easy peasy as easy can be. I didn't even need one single documentation to create my first test-form.

Don't get confused and overwhelmed by all the options because it is simple to work with it.

Multilanguage forms are a piece of cake and the fileds one creates are self-explaining.

Even the confirmation message after sending and the confirmation email can be styled (companies logo in the message) and in several languages in three seconds

Even the included styles are nice and not too flashy and addapt to most designs.

I used to use another quite sophisticated form component which is also quite good, but this one is the masterpiece of the form components exsisting.

And, what is so great, the form is responsive. So it fits in websites that are optimized for multy screenresolutions like desktop, tablet and smartphones (my recent project will be a responsive website).

Unfortunately I haven't got the chance yet to try the Salesforce plugin (haven't got the connection data yet) but I am sure that it will be an as pleasant workflow als all the workflows are in this component.

Thank you for making live so easy :)

Best regards from Berlin (Germany),

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, February 28, 2012
Nice Article Tweets
I purchased the Nice Tweets Extension and installed it, without reading the instructions.

A bad habbit one develops when working a long time with Joomla.

In the backend of the plugin I had a shock, because there were no options.

So I wrote to the devoper and he helped me immediately in a perfect and pleasant manner.

Like I said before, it turned out that I should learn to read properly.

This extension (plugin and component) works like a charm and the manual is really written in a user-friendly manner.

This extension is worth every single penny and it saves loads of work posting articles on Twitter.

Thanks to Michael, who made my day :)

bycyberviews, February 14, 2012
I just started with the Kunena component and I must say that it is just perfect.

Thanks to the skinner.css file it is easy-peasy to embed it in an exsiting Jommla!-Template. Styling is quite easy and it works like a charm.

I am using this site for a social project and it is grat that this component is open source.

Thanks to all the developers.

Good, good job!

Rob van Linda
bycyberviews, February 11, 2012
AJAX Register
I was desperate because I had a lot of troubles with the standrd regiister component of Joomla 2.5

Didn't work at all and ruined my Template somehow.

So I was looking for a good solution. Well I was so lucky to find this component and it owrks like a charm.

I love the little deatial that one doesn't have to activate all the stuff after installing and the backend of this great extension is minimalistic and so comfortable.

One little pain is the fact that the site will be in german. So I will have to do all the translation :)

But I would recommend everybody to purchase this great component for it is worth every single euro-cent.
bycyberviews, December 12, 2011
I always wonder who uses Joomla and the extensions like Simple Caddy.

It seems the same problem as in the time when static websites were usual. Everybody was saying "Oh I know some HTML! I can do a site myself!" and than the crying started because there was mor to a website than just some lines HTML.

With joomla ist seems to be the same.

The people read something like "Have your own webite in seconds without knowing anything about HTML!!! Hooray!!!"

It's true! As long as you don't need your own design and are pleaed with all the standard options.

But as soon as you want your own special look and as soon as you want to ad more sophisitcated extensions, you should know the basics: (X)HTML, javaScript, PhP, MySQL and (last but not least) CSS.

So I would recommend a lot of guys and gals here just to learn the basics before playing, ohterwise one has no clue what is going on with a CMS and their extensions.

So before you complain, learn the stuff. Otherwise all the moaning here is so incompetent...

Best regards,

bycyberviews, August 16, 2011
This poll is a great one. It has loads of smashing features and makes a professional interface in the front-end of the site.

Quite easy to set up and there is a great support when there is a minor problem.

Friendly and willing to help quickly when one is in a hurry, like I was :)

I can absolutely recommend this component.

bycyberviews, July 24, 2011
AwoCoupon Starter
This is just an awesome component for Virtuemart and has great options!

I used this component for a catshop and it looks great. One has the possiblilty to design he gift certificates according to the site design and it's even possible that the customer gets this by email so he can print it out, put it in an enveloep and send it to a friend or forwards it directly per mail.

I purchased the pro version and it's worth every cent!

Well done!

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