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bycybervigilante, June 24, 2012
2 Click Social Buttons
This solves another problem. I had other social buttons but lately my pageload has gone from instant to over eight seconds. Facebook and Twitter were slowing loading time down unacceptably.

This plugin doesn't really load them until requested so I am back to instant pageloads. The only slowdown is if someone clicks the button, but this way my page loads.

I've noticed FB and Twitter are slowing pageloads all over the web lately. They need to fix that.
Owner's reply

Yes, this is also a main advantage of 2 Click Social Buttons!

Thank you for pointing it out.

bycybervigilante, January 18, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
As a don't-read-the-manual kind of guy I found this a slick and easy setup, even to importing a huge CSV file. It has a lot of options. I particularly like the statistics, that tell you how many of your emails were actually opened (The most important thing next to selling something - but you won't get to first base if they don't open the email ;')

So far no mail failures - and the program redelivers. Thankfully, fewer people use AOL now. They used to reject almost any bunch that was sent by the same sender.

I am hoping for more options on the scrubbing of failures. The purchase program scrubs fails, but I've found you need an option to restore scrubbed failures, or to only scrub after more than one fail - since some fails are just due to net-glitches, and don't actually represent bad addresses.

However, this is still better than anything else I've used.
bycybervigilante, December 7, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
This is a most excellent player. I tried about five others and they all had problems, from display to inscrutable instructions. This just works, and no problems in rotten Internet Explorer, which usually chokes on most things that are good. (Ugh, I hate that browser.)

My only suggestion is there be an option for a plain old vertical text file for multiple songs. The song1|song2|song3 etc, vertical bar separator on a long line, can get visually confusing when the line gets longer and longer. No, I don't want an XML file. Simple should stay simple ;') A spot for artist name to be displayed on the player would be good, though. Many times they won't object to your using a song snippet as long as they get credit. All that other junk they put in xml files, I don't need. title, artist and song location are about it.

I sure don't need to name the publisher and record label and god knows what else. Let the robber barons of the music industry do their own advertising ;')
bycybervigilante, December 2, 2009
I see there's a php timeout problem. Although altering php is easy with some hosts, it's not with others. I've found that timeouts with tar.bz2 or tar.gzip files can often be solved simply by using a zip file, since you have one stage of unpacking instead of two. It just goes faster. I suggest a zip file be offered as an alternative download.
bycybervigilante, May 16, 2007
Wow - was that simple. I didn't even have to read the instructions and made a slideout menu right off. Let me get this straight though. Even though it's intuitive, SW comes with really extensive illustrated instructions. OTOH, most of the components I see are horribly complex and nonintuitive, so of course they come with little or no instructions, or garbled ones. It's all butt-backwards ;')

I guess we should have the swmenufree folks do instructions for some of the other components.