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bycyberwizzard, May 16, 2010
JCK Editor
I've been using this editor since the 2.x series and it was always excellent

The 3.x revamp seems to be an improvement on the previous series except for one thing: no image manager. The site states that this is done in the form of a complete rewrite of the old image manager which will be provided in the paid subscription.

Too bad. I own a couple of non-profit websites and paying ~30 euro each 6 months for an editor which is only occasionally used is a no-go for me.
Owner's reply

The image editor is freely available to all. You can use it on all your sites, without limitaitons or cost in the 2.6 series. However, A massive amount of work has been undertaken to rebuild the image editor for the 3.0x series. This will soon be available including 6 months worth of updates and Professional Forum Support. The image editor in the (3.0x) is also 'GPL', so you can use it on all your sites for a 'one' of payment subscription for €32.00,! Now that can't be bad..?