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bycymru78, February 1, 2012
SP Share
Surprised there are no other reviews for this but maybe no one has tried it yet.

It's nice and simple to install and set up. Great option to choose which pages you want the icons to appear.

However, choosing 'display after title' doesn't seem to work unless that it just on my clients website.

Would be nice to be able to choose the size of all the icons rather than only being able to choose the size of the Facebook like.

Another good option would be to add a 'display at top and bottom'
bycymru78, July 12, 2010
First of all, the dates across the top can be confusing when having a quick glance at the calendar and need looking at.
I installed this good looking and easy to use component but after adding/editing/deleting appointments from my diary it crashed. Tried a second time, got it all looking pretty good and it crashed again!
Very frustrating. Would be 5 star if that didn't happen.