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bycynmob, February 1, 2014
BreezingForms (Lite)
So much functionality in the noncommercial version! Easy to use and install. Had some minor issues designing at first that were purely my fault. I read the instructions and installed a sample form and it was immediately obvious what I had missed. Love the plain language scripting and checks. Really nice job. We'll be upgrading to the commercial version to support this team.
bycynmob, June 14, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Thank you for an EXCELLENT component. I am donating. THANK YOU.

I'm not a programmer but it was very easy to back up my sites and move them to a new server. Flawless. Simple. Once I figured out a few things and those were not hard to find. I posted the following to the forum and thought it would help others deciding whether or not to use this. If you are just a Joomla user like I am, that's really all you need to be to use this. You don't have to be a programmer or even an Joomla expert.

Here are the things you might not figure out immediately. But really -- it's VERY easy!

1. Kickstart is great. It is not included. It is free, but you have to download and unzip it separately. USE IT. It makes things easier. The detailed directions are at the END of the component instructions.

2. The JoomlaPackInstaller is in the backup zip file you download from the original site. When you upload the zip file and kickstart, that's all you have to do. The details instructions for kickstart included in the joomlapack instructions have the URL you have to type in.

3. On a new site, you have to create an empty database before attempting to install the backup on the new site. Okay, that was intuitively obvious to someone with experience, I'm sure. :)

4. The screen that pops up and asks for db user name/server/password is prefilled FROM THE SITE YOU BACKED UP! You will have to CHANGE those values to whatever values you used for the new database. Otherwise you get a Cannot Connect to mysql error and have to go search the forum to figure out where you've been stupid.

5. It does fine with Joomla installs hosted in subfolders on godaddy. The thing about configuration.php in root on page 51 does not mean you can't use joomlapack with folders hosting domains and distinct Joomla installs. While there isn't a configuration.php in the subfolder, the one at the root of the whole host works just fine.

Perhaps that will help someone else who is relatively inexperienced.

Thank you again for such an excellent component.
bycynmob, June 14, 2009
VM Affiliate
It's easy to install, makes its own menu link, and integrates seamlessly.

There are a few small glitches that could have easily been solved with a few notes in the install .txt file, but popped right up when I went to the forum.

For instance -- if you're running VM 1.1.3, the "file not writeable" alert should be ignored. But most of the time, it's so seamless and intuitive (if you know VM) that you don't miss having a manual. Except when you do.

The text affiliate link and banner link generation was very simple. You just type in some text or upload an image. I expected a lot more hassle.

Everything you pay for ought to be this easy.

Strongly recommend it.