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byczm2000, March 2, 2014
Header Tags
What a great extension. I usually have to jump through hoops and employ script tricks to concert my Article titles to h1 tags, but this extension did it with ease. Thanks so much for the great extension.
byczm2000, January 23, 2014
My Maps location
This extension is great. Much more user friendly than a couple of the others I've tired, including one other commercial extension. This was is very flexible, and the support is great. I was having a small problem with bootstrap on my template conflicting with the formatting on this plug-in, and the developer did a Teamviewer session right away and had it corrected in no time at all. Great service and a great extension. Highly recommend.
byczm2000, April 12, 2013
Testimonial, Quote Slider
This is a very handy extension especially if you need a module that you can customize and place just about anywhere. They even have great support! I had a problem where I have a certain template that was forcing an over ride of the CSS of the extension (not the extensions fault) and they went so far as to re-code the CSS of this extension to work for my specific problem. Fantastic service! Highly recommend.
byczm2000, December 5, 2012
Core Design Lock Article
Great little app! Does exactly what it says and is exactly what I needed. I didn't want to have to restrict our "Application" page to registered users, but didn't want just anyone to be able to submit one. This extension was very easy to use and perfect solution. Thanks!