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byd311boy, March 5, 2014
Testimonial Fader
I had been using an older version of this application and wanted the new features as well as the order of the testimonials switched from last to first...I purchased the application and then support logged into my website, uninstalled the old version, installed the new version and set everything up perfectly...within 2 hours of purchasing the product.

This is the best testimonial application available and backed up with the best support.
byd311boy, December 2, 2013
I initially had a few issues with PayPal working correctly with the shopping system but the support from Flavio has been amazing and he resolved the issue which I understand was a rare problem with PayPal

This is a new shopping system and new features are being added with future releases, it is a very quick, simply shopping system that works perfect for what I need it for. Far better than J2Store, Ecwid and a few others that I have tried over the years.

I will be using this shop in all websites that need a quick simple ecommerce solution installed.

Thanks very much for all your help Flavio.
byd311boy, June 9, 2013
Apart from this being an amazing blogging application the level of support goes beyond anything I have had before, I wanted to change the way the latest blog module looked completely, in terms of layout and style, I contacted support asking for some advice...they just did it for me!, this was not just a small .css tweak either, it was a complete change.

I will be using easy blog in all my clients websites from now on!