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byda8iwr, July 17, 2014
Membership Pro
I am amazed at how good Tuans support is. We struggled with a few elements, he fired back an email within 4 or 5 mins asking for the login details to our site, he then logged in and set it up fully for us. We then asked if he could help us with an unrelated project, which he did the next morning and had it finished within 2hrs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his company.
byda8iwr, November 20, 2013
JoomlaXTC Deluxe MP3 Player Pro
The player works OK, we used it a while back for a clients site. The problem is though it is Flash based, which we all know doesn't work on iOS devices, so whatever your opinion on Apple products, it cuts out a massive percentage of the market.

Also the template you get it with looks like something designed in 1999. I can't imagine what type of website you could ever use this on and make it fit.

Sorry guys, but there are much better free versions out there.
Owner's reply

Hello - The module was created 5 1/2 years ago before the big let down from apple not having flash in their devices. We are now working on a new HTML 5 based version to be released in 2014.

byda8iwr, October 14, 2012
RS Cool Mp3 Player
Great work and easy to use. The only complaint I have, is that it isn't obvious that the dragable line, is the volume, as I assumed it was the time line. I would rather have a timeline than an equaliser/volume system.
byda8iwr, November 10, 2011
Ive just updated a clients website from J1.0 to J1.7. It was using a really old version of Acajoom and i asked on their Live Support for help. The support staff sent me links to the latest versions and also links to videos and help. I had what I needed in about 6 mins flat... there is literally nothing more I could have asked for.

Oh and the product is perfect as well :)
Superb, absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was looking for. It shows twitter, face book and all the usual suspects. It also works perfectly with Virtuemart, and my client is now using it to update his facebook page.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the vote da8iwr!

Pity for you I'm not available for marriage, I already have a relationship with a beautiful woman! :-) Anyway I'm glad you liked the module, you should take a look at the plugin version of ValAddThis too.